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I still don’t know what’s the big deal with Sanjaya from American Idol!!!

Can someone please explain what the big deal is with him? I don’t understand I watched him briefly on Idol and on many interviews he has done after he was booted but still don’t know what all the hype is all about. Can someone clarify???


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American Idol giving back is being greedy!!

Well I have been watching American Idol and was glad to see that tonight’s show they are giving back. They are using all the money raised to help poverty to those that lost everything from Hurricane Katrina and those who are in need in Africa.

I am happy to see them giving back for a good cause so I decided to donate a couple dollars to help. See I figure every dollar counts and by this time that I am writing this they were at $30 million dollars raised, and I figure if everyone donated just one dollar they would have triple that amount.

So I decided to donate $5.00 but apparently they only take donations that are in the double digits. They even had offers starting at $20.00. So I guess the children won’t get the five dollar donation since they only want to take double digit donations. I believe if you want to make a donation of even just fifty cents you should be able to.

I guess I will just donate to Feed the Children!!!!

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New website I found online

Well I was online and stumbled upon a new type of you-tube type site. It is called Godtube. Here you can do the same as you would Youtube but everything is religious, whether it talks about the bible or Christ it’s a site where people can come together to talk about someithng they all have in common GOD!!! I applaud this site and I look forward to hear more about it especially in this world that we live in with chaos, controversy, and violence we need somewhere we can turn..

Praise be!!!!

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Why isn’t anyone finding out what the motive was of Virginia Tech???

My condolences go out to everyone and all the families to those who perrished yesterday at Virginia Tech. What everyone is not finding out is why did he do this?

Did someone bully him?? Did someone threaten him??? What happened to him that he felt that his only way out was to go on a massacre and kill everone on his path.

I believe this should be a wakeup call to those who are bullies or those who know someone who is troubled or that looks like they might need some counseling reach out to them. Alot of times these tragedies can be prevented!!! Reach out to people everday if you see someone without a smile let someone borrow yours!!!!

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Video I found on the website Funny or Die!!! A must see!!!!

Click on the link below and give me your feedback!!!

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Larry Birkhead is the father of Dannielynn!!!

Yeeeaaahhh!!!! It’s 3:46 p.m eastern time and they just announced that the DNA matches and Larry Birkhead is the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby Dannielynn. I have been watching this from the beginning and was personally rooting for Larry, and now the results are in. I mean you could see it in his face and facial features that he was the father.

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Well my anniversary is on Friday and I need ideas!!

Well on Friday the 13th of this month, I will be celebrating my 5 year wedding anniversary with my husband. I am not sure what to do, I am stuck on ideas.

We were originally going to go to Sandals, then a cruise, then renew our vows but certain circumstances didn’t allow us too, plus we moved into our new apartment a month ago so we weren’t able to do any of those. Now I am stuck trying to figure out what to do.

Anyone have any ideas???

I was planning on maybe going bowling or to a dinner show, but it’s so tough, the decision to make. So anyone with ideas let me know!! I will decide later this week and post what we are going to do!!!

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Remembering some tv shows from the 90’s!!!

Well I was again thinking about things from back in the day and was thinking about tv shows that I used to watch, and at the same time wonder what happened to some of the actors from these shows. Below I have compiled a list of tv shows from the 90’s. I think they should dedicate one station to just run tv shows from the 90’s only, I know I would watch it. I put a star next to the ones that were my favorite back in the day. Let me know which were your favorites.

X-Files Homicide: Life on the Street
Any Day Now
Boy Meets World -*Very funny
Home Improvement -Okay but weird
Magnificent Seven
Freaks and Geeks
Touched by an Angel
My So-Called Life
Twin Peaks
Dawson’s Creek* – great show
Mad About You – not to funny
Golden Palace
Family Guy*
Angel *
Buffy the Vampire Slayer *
Northern Exposure
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ** I remember singing that song everywhere
Judging Amy
Absolutely Fabulous
La Femme Nikita *
Third Watch
Once and Again
Early Edition
Strangers With Candy** Funny can’t wait for the movie
Star Trek: Voyager
In Living Color *
Dark Shadows: The Revival Series
Drew Carey Show – Too much blue eyeshadow for me
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Xena: Warrior Princess ** Wanted to be Xena
Now and Again
Spin City
3rd Rock From the Sun
Just Shoot Me
Dharma & Greg
Ally McBeal
Diagnosis Murder
Step by Step *
Lois & Clark
Picket Fences
Two Guys and a Girl
Father Ted
Beavis and Butt-Head * I don’t really know why I liked them
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch * Of course I wanted to be a teen witch too!
Babylon 5
Beverly Hills 90210 -*One of the best shows ever
Clarissa Explains It All *
Forever Knight
7 Days
Melrose Place * Second best show ever
Roseanne Show – Weirdest show ever
Nash Bridges
Family Law
Chicago Hope
Steve Harvey Show
Cosby *
Jamie Foxx Show *
Sports Night
Party of Five *
Caroline in the City
Deadly Games
SeaQuest DSV
Chris Rock Show
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Silk Stalkings
Kids Say the Darndest Things *
Blossom *
Hercules- * Loved him
Dinosaurs ** Extremely funny
Sister, Sister* Still watch it to this day
Jack & Jill
Donny & Marie Show
For Your Love
Nanny- Couldn’t stand her voice
Son of the Beach
Second Noah
Unhappily Ever After ** Wanted to be like her
Walker, Texas Ranger
Suddenly Susan
Cover Me
Martial Law
Veronica’s Closet
City Guys
Hang Time
Poltergeist: The Legacy
First Wave
Dave’s World
Cold Feet
Models Inc.Item
Moesha -* Too bad for Brandy now
Earth: Final Conflict
That ’80s Show
Nowhere Man
League of Gentlemen
One World
Saved by the Bell** Best show of all time. Loved Zack and wanted to be Kelly. I still watch this show everyday!

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Well hurricane season is almost upon those in Florida again!!!

Well it’s almost time again for those that are affected by the Atlantic hurricane season. I have heard some rumors already that this year is supposed to be an active year. Which of course it has to be during summer when everyone goes out and enjoys the weather. I wish it was in winter since no one goes out that much sinse it gets dark so early, but oh well. Here is an excerpt I found from the Associated press:’Very active’ hurricane season predicted

Story Highlights

• William Gray predicts five intense Atlantic hurricanes in 2007
• Forecaster expects 17 named storms
• Last year, Gray’s forecast, like others, overestimated storms
• 2006 brought just five hurricanes, two of them major

DENVER, Colorado (AP) — The 2007 Atlantic hurricane season should be “very active,” with nine hurricanes and a good chance that at least one major hurricane will hit the U.S. coast, a top researcher said Tuesday.
Forecaster William Gray said he expects a total of 17 named storms this year, five of them major hurricanes with sustained winds of 111 mph or greater.

The probability of a major hurricane making landfall on the U.S. coast this year: 74 percent, compared with the average of 52 percent over the past century, he said.

Last year, Gray’s forecast and government forecasts were higher than what the Atlantic hurricane season produced.
There were 10 named Atlantic storms in 2006 and five hurricanes, two of them major, in what was considered a “near normal” season.
None of those hurricanes hit the U.S. Atlantic coast — only the 11th time that has occurred since 1945. The National Hurricane Center in Miami originally reported nine storms, but upgraded one storm after a postseason review.

Gray’s research team at Colorado State University said an unexpected late El Niño contributed to the calmer season last year. El Niño — a warming in the Pacific Ocean — has far-reaching effects that include changing wind patterns in the eastern Atlantic, which can disrupt the formation of hurricanes there.

A weak to moderate El Niño occurred in December and January but dissipated rapidly, said Phil Klotzbach, a member of Gray’s team.
“Conditions this year are likely to be more conducive to hurricanes,” Klotzbach said Tuesday. In the absence of El Niño, “winds aren’t tearing the storm systems apart.”

The team’s forecasts are based on global oceanic and atmospheric conditions.

Klotzbach advised coastal residents along the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico to have hurricane plans and preparedness kits in place, but he added, “You can’t let the possibility of a hurricane coming ruin your summer.”
The Atlantic hurricane season, which runs from June 1 to November 30, averages 9.6 named storms, 5.9 hurricanes and 2.3 intense hurricanes per year.

The devastating 2005 season set a record with 28 named storms, 15 of them hurricanes. Four of those hurricanes hit the U.S. coast, the worst among them Katrina, which devastated New Orleans and leveled parts of the Gulf Coast region.

Gray has spent more than 40 years in tropical weather research. He heads the Tropical Meteorology Project at Colorado State.
Federal government forecasters plan to release their prediction in late May.
Copyright 2007 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

So since last year we were sparred by no hurricanes hitting us directly I am betting that this year we get hit with at least two. We were saved but I don’t think this time isn’t going to be to lucky for Florida. I mean I could be wrong but just a hypothesis.

Anyways here is a funny picture I found on and decided to post it because it was funny…


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Reality Bites!!

Well now that I am home most of the time, I have gotten bitten by the reality bug. I am addicted once again to all the drama and the fake love and all the other nonsense that makes it onto television. It’s just hard to do when you have one television so I find myself flipping through channels on every commercial and catching bits and pieces off all 3 or 4 shows that I am watching. Some of the shows I am listing below are just addicting but not reality but regular shows.

Some of the shows that I have currently under my reality belt are:

I love New York
My super sweet 16
Dog bounty hunter
CSI: Miami
King of Cars
Deal or No Deal
Mad Money
The View
George Lopez
Dancing with the stars

So these are my vices right now!!!

What are yours????

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