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American Idol giving back is being greedy!!

Well I have been watching American Idol and was glad to see that tonight’s show they are giving back. They are using all the money raised to help poverty to those that lost everything from Hurricane Katrina and those who are in need in Africa.

I am happy to see them giving back for a good cause so I decided to donate a couple dollars to help. See I figure every dollar counts and by this time that I am writing this they were at $30 million dollars raised, and I figure if everyone donated just one dollar they would have triple that amount.

So I decided to donate $5.00 but apparently they only take donations that are in the double digits. They even had offers starting at $20.00. So I guess the children won’t get the five dollar donation since they only want to take double digit donations. I believe if you want to make a donation of even just fifty cents you should be able to.

I guess I will just donate to Feed the Children!!!!


April 25, - Posted by | American Idol


  1. I completly agree with you, in fact they should donate 50% of their profits every week, why only give back so little imagine all the money they made during the years, this world would be a better place if people cared more specially corporations. We shouldn’t have 1% of the planet population having 96% of the worlds money.


    Adriano Grassi

    Comment by Adriano Grassi | April 25, | Reply

  2. You can make a donation in the amount of $05.00 – I just did.

    Comment by R | April 25, | Reply

  3. I will try again. Thank you for pointing it out. I shall try. Keep on giving!!!

    Comment by truckerswife | April 25, | Reply

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