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New Year’s Resolutions for 2007

Well it’s that time of year where like always I make my resolutions about what I want to accomplish and somehow nothing ever happens or I simply forget so I am determined to accomplish at least one of these resolutions.

1. Startup my business and with God in mind for it to begin to grow.

2. Lose weight again but this time going to right doctors that know how to diagnose me and not give me medicine that doesn’t help me get better.

3. Pursue one of my hobbies, whether it be writing a book, or having a photography portfolio, or learning a new language.

4. Take a vacation and use that as my honeymoon. It’s been five years and I think it’s time for a break and to take a honeymoon.

5. Fix my husband’s and my credit

6. Begin the process of buying a house after the credit is fixed and we have enough money saved.

7. Begin to be positive about myself and accept things that I have and accept the things that I cannot change.

8. Get my self healthy again and control my PCOS!!

Well that’s all I have I hope I can accomplish at least one, and that many others out there can do the same. I guess if I think of more I will post them.


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Schedule until New Year’s

Well currently we find ourselves down I-24 in Tennessee, we are headed to Hopkinsville Kentucky. We should be there at around 5:00 p.m eastern time. From there we will head about 78 miles to Owensboro Kentucky. Once again we are delivering to our favorite supplier which is as you all know from a previous post WALMART! No problems so far with them so that’s good. Once we deliver in Owensboro we are headed to Chicago, Northlake to be exact. So hopefully we will get home in time for New Year’s. We are scheduled to be there late on the 30th so we will see.There hasn’t been anything really interesting or new to talk about, just the same ol’ stuff, you know crazy drivers, hurried drivers,and LOTS of RV’s all over the place. These suckers are dangerous on the road also, which isn’t new for me.

Well I just remembered there was one thing after leaving home after Christmas my father in-law went to his truck and head out, which he is an owner operator and come to find out found that another truck stole his battery box cover was stolen. Well this little piece is worth maybe around $200.00, so it’s something that has to be bought again, using his hard earned money simply because some other driver didn’t feel like buying one.My father in law who is the only provider for his family of 4 is a hard worker and shouldn’t have to go back to this. I believe as all us drivers and us passengers like myself we need to help each other out.Help out in the road anything to help those to move America. I believe we go through enough daily to then go home for Christmas and come back to this. Well to the other driver I hope your conscience eats your brain and you will pay for what you did. I believe in the Lord and karma and “What goes around comes around”!

Well one we arrive back home we will be there until we leave on the 2nd of January in the morning. So I won’t be writing as much until the start of the New Year. Thanks again to those who look at my blog, I hope you enjoy what I write, and continue to read.

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