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Back again after some time off!

Well I am finally back wth my husband on the road. I have been off for some time in Florida going to the doctor, running errands, and other things that can’t be normally done in a truck. We will be back on March 7th for another doctor appointment. We are also considreing going locally in Florida so we’ll see what happens. Until then lets see where we go from here. We are currently in Jupiter Florida, and from there we head to Miami then to South Carolina. Stay tuned to find out if anything crazy happens.


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Back on the road

Well after having off for Christmas and then a week long off for New Year’s we are finally back on the road. This morning we find ourselves in Leesburg Florida, where we are currently are being live unloaded. We finished about 4 hours and are headed to Jacksonville where we will pick up a load there. From there we are headed to Plattsburgh, New York. We should be there in 2 days, so we are right on schedule. Well during our week we went out and ran errands picked up mail, and just slept everyday until 11 or 12 which was relaxing. On our last day we met up with some friends we haven’t seen in months and got some ice cream, went mini golfing, and finally went to Chilis restaurant to wind down. I lost at golfng, I came in third place, a total slaughter since I always win or come pretty close to it.

Afterwards we went to Chili’s and downed some Bahama Mama’s which it was my first time I drink them. I love fruity alcoholic drinks they sit well with me. We also ordered the triple play, which was an entree and included boneless chicken wings, spinach egg rolls, chicken bites, and something else but I can’t remember what it was. It also has celery sticks and blue cheese which I was te only one who ate them. I kinda missed the road and seeing the places, but what I really want it to have our house which hopefully we can settle into within a year. Most of all I miss taking pictures of the diffrent scenarios we go through everyday!

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