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Boy is it cold in New York!!!

Well currently I am in Albany New York heading to Plattsburgh. The temperature in Albany is 22 degress but it feels like it’s 12 degrees. Today it’s been pretty much boring, we have gone through Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and now in New York. I am not used to this cold since I have been living in Florida for 10 and a half years. I have noticed that when it’s really cold my knuckles get ashy, which drives me crazy since I apply lotion on me everyday, so this is is making me nuts, and when I step outside my eyes start to tear up, which is kinda funny since I am not a person to cry but see tears roll down my cheeks when it’s really cold.

Hopefully, it will be better tomorrow and maybe see some action. We are going to go to Anheuser Busch to pick up a 45,000 pound load of beer, so I guess we will see tomorrow what happens.


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