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Still in Texas!!!

Well it’s currently 12:26 a.m. Eastern time and we are still in frikkin Texas. Texas is a very large state but alot where we wen through which was around I-35, I-30, and some other interstates that I can’t remember are not developed. You start seeing stores and any signs of life when you go to the big cities like San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and all those other huge cities. Most of Texas has many hispanic themed restaurants and cities which is no surprise if you have any idea what Texas is.

Texas had some nice focal points but not really somewhere I would like to live. I prefer Florida sunshine to Texas cactus. Which by the way I saw an actual cactus tree growing. Most of the time I see little trees in Home Depot, or I see them in movies but not an entire tree growing. I was going to take pictures but my camera doesn’t work at night I couldn’t take any.

Well we are still headed to Tennessee, which is one my favorites because of the breath-taking scenery and stores they have but still I think I will stay in Florida!!!

My stomach is still sore and achy from that virus or flu we had so I had some yougurt from Mcdonald’s so lets see if that helps!!


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Stuck in Texas! This time in Shell

Well we awoke from our horrible night to make a pick up this morning. Well we arrive here at 11:00 a.m. to pick up our pre-loaded trailer to head to Florida when of course we get bad news again. The trailer we are suppose to pick up wasn’t even here yet. They told us they wouldn’t even start to load us to around 5 p.m. Well here we are at 6:45 pm and now is when they start to load us. Again, my husband had to go and tell them hey I haven’t eaten or anything because this is supposed to be a loaded trailer. Well they tried and called where the people load at and they don’t even answer the damn phone. Well my husband who is not the type to cause havoc had to. I mean they expect you to stay here, because you can’t tell them you want to leave because that isn’t allowed. So you can’t leave, you can’t leave the truck on for very long, the “bathroom” which is a portapotti is germ infested and stinks like hell, so I have been holding myself all this time, and the company will only pay my husband about $30.00 for his detention pay for waiting. What the hell do these big shot companies think that truck drivers are slaves, not humans. Come on give me a break!!!

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