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Make money from home now!!!

Partner with a 15 year old debt free health care company that has a proven track record for success. It is estimated that 7 out of 10 people don’t have what we offer. The market for our benefits is huge. Many companies are downsizing, and people are being laid off. Vast numbers of individuals are retiring. Part-timers and small business owners can’t afford to provide any benefits for their employees. We will train you on how to secure this potential market. We are the leader in our industry.

This is a business built on integrity, commitment, coaching and training. I pride myself on developing a team vision and the tools to allow each person to achieve the success he/she desires. I am looking to work with men and women who are tired of the J-O-B deal (Just Over Broke) and that are ready to make a real change in their lives. We have huge earning and growth potential for those who want to take advantage of it. Here is just a little of what we have to offer our new team members:

* FREE Healthcare Benefits

* 401K Available

* Six and Seven Figure Income Potential

* Receive personal coaching from the comfort of your home from our top associates & use our proven leads program!

* We are the #1 company in the most lucrative billion dollar industry in the world

People today are looking for a simple, affordable home business. If you are ready for a serious change in your life then don’t wait any longer. You are at the right place at the right time. We are estimated to become a billion dollar company over the next few years. NOW is the time!

Our company has quite a standard for the people we look to work with. There’s a lot of work on our part setting someone up to be successful with a home based business so we’re looking for people who are absolutely serious about supplementing or replacing their income from home either part time or full time.


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Visit my new site!!!!!!!!

Affordable health care starting at $11.95 for dental, and starting at $49.95 for medical with free dental, vision, prescription, and chiropractic.

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I tried Ameriplan and now I am hooked!

Here is a sample of what you get when you sign up on Ameriplan check it out at:

AmeriPlan Health®

All 7 Health Benefits (including Dental) for Only:

$49.95 – Individual
$59.95 – Household

All Ongoing Dental/Medical Problems Are Included!
(Except orthodontic treatment already in progress)

AmeriPlan Health® Provides
Savings Up To 50% Or More On Health Services

AmeriPlan Dental®

All Dental Program Benefits For Only:

$11.95 – Individual
$19.95 – Household

Includes At No Additional Cost – Vision Benefits,
Prescription Card Benefits and Chiropractic Benefits

AmeriPlan Dental® Benefits Provide
Savings Up to 80% on Services!

Doctor Visits
Hospital Stays
Specialists or Ancillary Services (x-rays, MRI’s, etc.)
Lab Procedures
Dental Services
Vision Services
Prescription Drugs
Chiropractic Services

Dental Benefits, Vision Benefits, Prescription
Drug Card and Chiropractic Benefits are included
at no additional cost with the AmeriPlan Health® Benefits Program!

Benefits Include:
No Waiting Period
No Pre-Authorization for Treatment
No Exclusions on lab procedures
Instant Savings
No Paperwork
All Specialists Included
Cosmetic Surgery Included
No Age Limit
You can change Physicians anytime
Membership Fee Guaranteed 2 years
Ongoing Dental/Medical Conditions Included
(except orthodontic treatment already in progress)

Specialists (Periodontists,
Endodontists, Oral Surgeons, …)
Teeth Cleanings
Root Canal
Tooth Extractions

Orthodontics (braces) included for children and
adults included (except orthodontic treatment
already in progress – invisalign braces may not be included )!

Benefits Include:
No Waiting Period
No Pre-Authorization For Treatment
No Limits On Services
Instant Savings
No Paperwork
All Specialists Included
All Provider Credentials Verified
Cosmetic Dentistry Included
No Limits on Visits or Services
You can change Dentists anytime
Membership Fee Guaranteed 2 years

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