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Paris Hilton on CNN

Paris Hilton spills the beans on her time in jail. Watch to see what she has to say about her time in the slammer..


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Paris hilton out of jail

Well everyone’s favorite blonde is now out of jail. She now she says she is changed and will no longer act dumb now that she has had time to think in jail. Let’s see how long she can last before she is back to her old ways. I say one month maximum.

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Well I know this is something controversial to many as like is the war and many other topics recently spewed in the media. I recently came upon this video of an abortion as I was reading a daily devotional email I receive daily in my email. This email I receive is from Bill Keller Ministries, and is something I read on a daily basis because I like to hear his opinion on God and how this world is and has become.

I am going to post up this video and I would like to hear comments from people on their take on abortion. I can’t write much since I have decided to take a trip with my husband after such a long time and am currently in Georgia. I will write more about this topic but feel free to write any opinions you may have. Please also visit my site and please refer anyone who is in need of some health benefits.

Here is the link to the video:

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So what if you are a Hilton!!!!

So what if you are a Hilton, whether you are Paris, or Nicky or whoever you don’t deserve to be treated any better than anyone else. Let your dumb daughter do her time like she deserves and more and stop spoiling her. You make the Hilton name pathetic!!

So today I hear that Paris’ parents went to visit her when visiting hours were over and they let them in when they weren’t supposed to be any visitors at that time.

If this isn’t stopped eventually celebrities will be able to get away with murder, crime, you name it. Take a stand and speak your mind!!!

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Went to Apollo Beach…

Well my husband and I decided to go to a new beach and I did some research online and found a type of beach that seemed to be secluded to we decided to give it a try. We took the 45 minute drive to Apollo Beach. A quick drive if you go zoomin down on I-4 and I-75. Got a little lost but finally we finally found it on a dead end of pricey homes along the beach line.

Well we finally arrived and boy was it worth the drive!!! All was serene and calm. The small waves splashed ever so lightly on the white sand and the shimmering white sand glimmered with the sun’s gleam. Another great thing was that it had seashells all over the sand which was fun to pick up. I picked up a couple good ones and brought them home to wash off.

The beach was also quiet and secluded just like what I had read, which was great since some of the other beaches we have gone to including Daytona, and Cocoa are always crowded and noisy so it was great to have a little getaway in which we could forget about the stressful week we have had.

All in all great beach A+ rating and we will definetly be going back for some more rest and relaxation!!!

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Make money from home now!!!

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Our company has quite a standard for the people we look to work with. There’s a lot of work on our part setting someone up to be successful with a home based business so we’re looking for people who are absolutely serious about supplementing or replacing their income from home either part time or full time.

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Had a gun pulled on us today while driving!!!

Let me explain first our surroundings. We were on the left lane of 2 lanes on an only turning left onto I-4 in Lakeland Florida. Once you turn you go up a ramp where the right lane merges with the left lane, from there it becomes one then you merge onto I-4.

Well when the light turns green we go like we always do, my husband sees one car trying to get in our lane and was going to crash if he kept going and decided to slow down to let him in, in which he thanks us, which is nice since you don’t see that very often. The guy behinds us gets upset and starts honking the horn. He didn’t have no point because we didn’t stop we just slowed down a bit. Once it was only one lane he drives right by us and yells something to us which I could’nt hear and tries to side swipe our car. My husband manages to swerve and gets to the interstate. He then proceeds to follow us down the highway. My husband is now just driving when we see him tailgating us and my husband lets him pass where he almost hit ud from the back and cuts in front of us.

Now that he is in front of us he pulled a gun out the driver side window and points towards us. My husband now slips down the gears of the car and high tails outta there and since he is still following us we can’t do much since there is so much traffic. I n one he cuts in front of us and pulls over on the side of the interstate and pulls the gun out of his window and aims at us again and my husband passes him around 110 m.p.h. and again he is behind us, and right when we were passing our exit to where we lived we made it look like we gonna keep going and my husband cuts across 2 lanes and in front of cars to get off the ramp and luckily he kept going since it was too late for him too pull out after us.

We did call the police and give a full description of the make and model of the car, but couldn’t get a look at the plate only that it was outta state, so lets see if they catch this guy.

I just can’t believe how bad Florida especially Orlando and surrounding areas on how they have gotten so bad with crime. Florida isn’t the retirement state nor sunshine state anymore!!!

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