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Without trucks,the world stops!!

Well it’s a new year to ponder.

Well it’s a new year 2008 and my husband is still working driving a truck and me still thinking how we got here. I am no longer riding with him in the truck nor is he driving long distances around the U.S. Instead he drives from Lakeland Florida to Albany Georgia rounding about 600 and something miles per day.I do pnder how long he will be doing this since this is not what neither of us wants for our lives now our future, but Florida is hard to live in and it will be extremely difficult to find anywhere what he gets paid now. So as this year goes by we will both be making adjustments as we prepare for our future family. Until next time…


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Boring like always

Well this summer has been pretty much boring except on the weekends when I go out. Still not getting what Iwant from the home business don’t know if I should continue or not. I might try and get into the school system and work doing clerical there but we will see what happens.

Tommorrow I am going to comedy club and to meet up with friends I havent seen in over a year so that looks promising.

Well till next time………

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I have always wanted to be a mermaid!!

Well here I am sitting in the truck with my husband. He wanted me to see what his new route was like and was thinking about past ideas, thoughts, things i did when I was younger and thought to myself what were the things I wanted to be as a child was a mermaid. How weird the things you want to grow up to be when you are small.

Among the oddities of things I wanted to be were a Shamu trainer at Sea World, a dancer in the nutcracker, a rockette at Radio City Music Hall, a singer like Whitney Houston, in my time period, a Power Ranger, a ninja turtle, a princess like Cinderella,but without all the stepmother and step sister drama, and Barbie. I was born in the 80’s so maybe some can relate to why I wanted to be these things, of course I don’t want to anymore, but it’s fun to think what if.

Sio I want to know what others out there wanted to be when they were young, and if any of you are doing anything remotely close to what that was???

The closest I have gotten is going to Seaworld and looking at a trainer with Shamu!!!

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Thoughts about a billboard I saw on I-95

I saw a few minutes ago a billboard on I-95 in either Georgia or South Carolina and I thought it was beautiful. It is a picture of a baby being held in a pair of arms. It says God’s greatest creation. I love this billboard because it is on a huge billboard and it has the best thing in life a baby. It kinda takes away for a second all your problems that you may have just by looking at that.

I thnk to myself that I was once that size, that baby with my mother holding me in her arms, and can’t believe where I am at now. I have not yet had the chance to become a mother, which I don’t plan to for a couple more years, I will have the pride of saying the same thing. God’s greatest creation!

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