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Bathrooms that don’t flush and water that’s too cold. Why must rest areas be so annoying

I see this everyday in my many stops in rest areas all over the U.S (mainly East and Central). You go into a rest area and to begin with they are outside so if you are in Michigan or Wisconsin you know your tush is gonna be cold. Then as you approach most not all have a giant sized fan the size of Texas hanging in the ceiling facing all the stalls.

I of course think it can’t be any worse than this!! You try and position yourself without touching the seat like my momma taught me and of course don’t wanna pee on the floor. All this time while trying to accomplish this my legs are trembling from the Texas- sized fan is blowing everywhere, it’s 11 degrees outside and I am trembling with goose bumps all over.

You also notice that when you are in the stall it wasn’t really meant to be for you to sit down but was the same size model of what used to be a telephone booth. So you ave too choices try and squat the best possible way or try and squat sideways.

So many decisions and so little time, what should I do. Well I try and squat the best way I can kinda straddling my legs around the stall. By this time the toilet has already flushed 2 times. Oh I get it this is one of these toilets that flush with any movement and not when I am actually done. Oh, no I got to scratch my nose do I scratch it and risk the toliet flushing and get another brisk air in the woo-hoo while it flushes or just try and hold it out.

Well you guessed it I just had to scratch my nose and my arm. Why must every part of your body itch when you really aren’t in the situation to scratch it? So by the time I finish my business the toilet has flushed around 8 times, and when I am about to leave and wash my hands it don’t flush. I try and wave my hand over the sensor and nothing, I look at it wave at it, dance around and nothing. As soon as I leave and I have already walked to the sink it flushes. MY oh my why couldn’t it do this while I was in there.

I go to wash my hands and me I like to adjust both hot and cold water to get the right temperature water. They have the hot water off and it’s 11 degrees outside, are these people nuts?? As I am washing my hands I feel I am getting frostbite or gangrine of some sort because I can no longer feel my hands and they aren’t even numb. I then go and get some soap, surprise no soap I must go to the third sink down and borrow some!

Finally I go and dry my hands, and there are no paper towels I have to use one of those dreaded dryers, since they save paper, etc. I understand all that but these dryers never work and I end up drying them with tissue or flinging my hands until they get dry.

I am finally done and even though it seems like an eternity I took to wash my hands this is only a couple minutes. After going through this at least once a day I prefer truck stops and warm water any day!!


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My blog might really be worth something!!

Now I don’t know how they figure this out and I don’t know if it’s really true but this is what came up when I put in my URL!!

My blog is worth $1,693.62.
How much is your blog worth?

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I love being in the sun!!

It’s been cloudy for about week ad we have been traveling through Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, and other parts of cities. We are finally in Kentucky about 30 minutes from Tennessee. The weather is pretty good here in about the 40’s and it’s much better than the blizzard we were in and the 25 mile per hour gusty winds!

We are headed to South Carolina now. We should be there in a couple hours. From there we go to Augusta Georgia, to pick up at Kimberly Clarke and pick up consumer goods.

Tomorrow we should be in Boynton Beach Florida then we head home. I can’t wait!!

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Not a good day in Wisconsin! Got stuck in a blizzard and more!!

Well it all started yesterday afternoon. We arrived yesterday afternoon at a Pilot truck stop after making an early morning delivery in Tomah. We arrived to the Pilot and got stuck on the way in. We were there about 30 minutes trying to get ourselves out. All the while there was another truck stuck 20 feet ahead of us. Eventually we got ourselves out with my husband using the gears to move back and forth and got out. Meanwhile the other truck got out with another truck pushing him from the back with his trailer.

Well after that little charade we found a parking they had just plowed and parked there. We went took a shower, ate at Taco Bell, and after doing that and buying some food and went to the truck. We were planning on getting up at midnight to drive again.

We went to bed around 5:00 p.m. and I awoke at around 11:30 p.m to see that it was extremely windy and raining, which I found out later it was freezing rain. Well I saw it was windy and since we were empty and didn’t have anything in the trailer so we decided to wait it out.

We awoke again at 4:00 a.m and found there was no visiblity.There was also even more snow than yesterday afternoon. We listened to the weather channel and were in a blizzard and the other city we had to go to in Wisconsin had a blizzard warning. This time we decided to wait until daylight.

We waited until 7:00 a.m and got some food at Wendy’s, and after we finished we headed to the truck to leave. As wel were pulling out we got out of the parking but got stuck there in the middle since there wasn’t anything really plowed there. Well we also notice tat another truck gets stuck trying to pull out also and another also. So now we had a total of 3. Well we start digging and digging snow so that we could get some tractions on the tire but nothing. After about 45 minutes and a tractor pulling out 2 other trucks he comes to us.

We figured he would help us when he announces that it would be $25.00 to pull us with a chain. What!!! Well he said if you don’t have it than there is nothing I can do for you, and left. After about another 20 minutes of trying and continuing to digg and move, nothing happened. We had to go and get this guy to pull us out for money tnot just for being kind. As we finally got out another truck got stuck and we knew where that was leading to

When we arrive at the other location we can’t find the trailer and called and waited until the man told us to go to the mill because they might had forgotten to bring the trailer there for dropoff. As we were leaving we got stuck again, and after about another 30 minutes we tell another man in a tractor to help us, since we had borrowed the chain from the company to use. He refused and after trying again the man from the company finally came out and talked with the man and he then said yes. So to make this short we took about anothr 2 hours to get a trailer that should have taken 10 minutes.

We are headed to Gary Indiana to relay this load to go to Florida, so I can’t wait to see the sun again and wear my flip flops!!!

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Headed to Wisconsin

Well it’s Saturday morning 4:15 a.m. and we are headed to Wisconsin. We were stopped abruptly at 2:30 because of an accident in Indiana. I didn’t get to see it because when they finally cleared everything there was nothing there, but from what I heard it might of been racing or drinking plus there isn’t much you can crash into when there is just cornfields all over the place. We were stopped for about an hour before everything cleared.

We should be in Wisconsin later this morning, and from there we go to the operation center to fix the truck. Seems like there is something wrong with the air pressure or something like that my husband knows I just smile and nod!!

From there I am not sure since we are trying to get back to Florida by the first of March so we will see.

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A couple of interesting things happened today in Ohio and Indiana!

First let me start out by saying that it wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be! It’s been pretty much in the 30’s and 40’s which I figured we would be close to 0 degrees since we were in Michigan and Chicago and all that vicinity, so I was happy I didn’t have to wrap my self up like a burrito and get frostbite (just kidding).

Well last night we slept in Ohio at a Pilot truck stop and did the usual take a shower, eat dinner, then go to sleep. When we woke up this morning at 6 a.m. went got ready to leave and guess what happens? The truck was stuck in the lovely ice and we were stuck. After about an hour or so after trying almost all the ways possible to melt ice including cat litter,(something I didn’t know), we finally got out. How you may ask! The man next to use was sleeping and apparently awoke and offered to pull us out with a chain. Unbelievable I said to myself. I t was another experience I had and was pretty fun even though my husband wasn’t he was running late.

Another thing I experienced and saw first hand were Amish people. I only saw two women who were walking but they had on those long robe type clothing and those maid like hats. It was preety cool and I would like to learn more about them.

Another thing is I keep writng about the same states because we have been trying to get the company to get us out West but to no avail so I continue “reporting” from the West side.

Well that was about all we did today. We are going to stay the night in Indiana and tomorrow head out to go to Virginia. So stay tuned!!

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Today’s daily grind!

Well it’s currently 7:54 p.m and we are in Ohio, stopped for the night. We have driven from South Carolina to Ohio. We have to drive tomorrow the rest of the way to Michigan for this load we have right now. Today it’s been a total of a comfortable 523 miles. I say comfortable because when we are late or behind we drive way more. Well I’ll post some pics of the weather we went through mainly in Virginia, all the way to Ohio. Tomorrow morning we should be in Michigan and from there we don’t know where we are going yet. I will post once I know.





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Thoughts about a billboard I saw on I-95

I saw a few minutes ago a billboard on I-95 in either Georgia or South Carolina and I thought it was beautiful. It is a picture of a baby being held in a pair of arms. It says God’s greatest creation. I love this billboard because it is on a huge billboard and it has the best thing in life a baby. It kinda takes away for a second all your problems that you may have just by looking at that.

I thnk to myself that I was once that size, that baby with my mother holding me in her arms, and can’t believe where I am at now. I have not yet had the chance to become a mother, which I don’t plan to for a couple more years, I will have the pride of saying the same thing. God’s greatest creation!

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Back again after some time off!

Well I am finally back wth my husband on the road. I have been off for some time in Florida going to the doctor, running errands, and other things that can’t be normally done in a truck. We will be back on March 7th for another doctor appointment. We are also considreing going locally in Florida so we’ll see what happens. Until then lets see where we go from here. We are currently in Jupiter Florida, and from there we head to Miami then to South Carolina. Stay tuned to find out if anything crazy happens.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to all!!! Now to some people especially the elderly or those past their 30’s , and of course my family, to them Valentine’s day is everyday, but not to me. I like to make it like any other holiday, in which I compete with my husband to give each other the best gift or to outdo the gifts from the previous year. This year it is kinda hard because of his job, and me here going to the doctor’s and the bills raking up but hopefully everything will turn out well.

I did go last night (2/13) to Trget and a local dollar store to accompany my mother and sister on their quest to find anything left in the stores Well as suspected everyone was scrambling at the last minute to find the perfect gift, or card, or as a matter of fact any chocolate at all, even though you know there isn’t going to be any.

People were scrambling to find cards, chocolates, which there weren’t any, and any other thing they could put together. Well I accompanied my sister to the Dolar store to pick up candy for here friends, she’s 14! The line to checkout went around 2 aisles. Well eventually we got out and went to Target where there was more people doing the same all looking for the same thing. There at least we waited a minimal time and were out quick once we passed the mob at the chocolates aisle.

All in all it wasn’t so bad as Christmas, but some how those who save for the last minute are growing by the numbers every year, and quite frankly I find it quite amusing when I go and see people scrambling for the last minutes gifts.

So I thank those who gave me some humour while they were searching for something for their loved one’s and thank god I purchased early!!

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