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Remembering some tv shows from the 90’s!!!

Well I was again thinking about things from back in the day and was thinking about tv shows that I used to watch, and at the same time wonder what happened to some of the actors from these shows. Below I have compiled a list of tv shows from the 90’s. I think they should dedicate one station to just run tv shows from the 90’s only, I know I would watch it. I put a star next to the ones that were my favorite back in the day. Let me know which were your favorites.

X-Files Homicide: Life on the Street
Any Day Now
Boy Meets World -*Very funny
Home Improvement -Okay but weird
Magnificent Seven
Freaks and Geeks
Touched by an Angel
My So-Called Life
Twin Peaks
Dawson’s Creek* – great show
Mad About You – not to funny
Golden Palace
Family Guy*
Angel *
Buffy the Vampire Slayer *
Northern Exposure
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ** I remember singing that song everywhere
Judging Amy
Absolutely Fabulous
La Femme Nikita *
Third Watch
Once and Again
Early Edition
Strangers With Candy** Funny can’t wait for the movie
Star Trek: Voyager
In Living Color *
Dark Shadows: The Revival Series
Drew Carey Show – Too much blue eyeshadow for me
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Xena: Warrior Princess ** Wanted to be Xena
Now and Again
Spin City
3rd Rock From the Sun
Just Shoot Me
Dharma & Greg
Ally McBeal
Diagnosis Murder
Step by Step *
Lois & Clark
Picket Fences
Two Guys and a Girl
Father Ted
Beavis and Butt-Head * I don’t really know why I liked them
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch * Of course I wanted to be a teen witch too!
Babylon 5
Beverly Hills 90210 -*One of the best shows ever
Clarissa Explains It All *
Forever Knight
7 Days
Melrose Place * Second best show ever
Roseanne Show – Weirdest show ever
Nash Bridges
Family Law
Chicago Hope
Steve Harvey Show
Cosby *
Jamie Foxx Show *
Sports Night
Party of Five *
Caroline in the City
Deadly Games
SeaQuest DSV
Chris Rock Show
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Silk Stalkings
Kids Say the Darndest Things *
Blossom *
Hercules- * Loved him
Dinosaurs ** Extremely funny
Sister, Sister* Still watch it to this day
Jack & Jill
Donny & Marie Show
For Your Love
Nanny- Couldn’t stand her voice
Son of the Beach
Second Noah
Unhappily Ever After ** Wanted to be like her
Walker, Texas Ranger
Suddenly Susan
Cover Me
Martial Law
Veronica’s Closet
City Guys
Hang Time
Poltergeist: The Legacy
First Wave
Dave’s World
Cold Feet
Models Inc.Item
Moesha -* Too bad for Brandy now
Earth: Final Conflict
That ’80s Show
Nowhere Man
League of Gentlemen
One World
Saved by the Bell** Best show of all time. Loved Zack and wanted to be Kelly. I still watch this show everyday!


April 5, - Posted by | Remembering the 90's!


  1. Trying to remember an old Tv show I thought was in the 90’s. In the biggining a golden retreiver was always carrying his bowl in his mouth, there was a “slow” brother and talked about Aids all the time…

    Comment by A | January 29, | Reply

    • Life goes on?

      Comment by Anonymous | February 19, | Reply

  2. Hi My name is Arthur and I´m looking for the name of a tv show from the 90´s
    The only thing I remember is that at the end of the show the gril, one of the lead players, was sitting on her windowedge and was talking to the “man on the moon”
    and was telling everything she experienced
    Hope that somebody can tell me the name of that show
    would appreciate very much

    thanks Arthur

    Comment by Arthur | November 3, | Reply

    • Clarissa Explains it all on nick.

      Comment by maggie | November 6, | Reply

      • actually i think the show you are talking about is the torkelsons on disney where the it was the mom with a bunch of kids and the girl talked to the moon and the nerdy guy next door had a big crush on her

        Comment by Anonymous | November 23,

    • I’m looking for the name of a series. It’s about a mom and 5 kids (I think). The older daughter is a pretentious teenager and the neighbor is madly in love with her but she hates him because he’s kind of a geek. They live in a small town and then move to a bigger city but the cast it’s not the same, I think just the mom and daughter, they move with a single dad with a son and a daughter. Please help!! I used to watch it in Mexico and I don’t remember the name even in Spanish!!! You seem to know a lot about the matter. Thankse

      Comment by Becky A. Tovar | October 10, | Reply

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