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Went to Apollo Beach…

Well my husband and I decided to go to a new beach and I did some research online and found a type of beach that seemed to be secluded to we decided to give it a try. We took the 45 minute drive to Apollo Beach. A quick drive if you go zoomin down on I-4 and I-75. Got a little lost but finally we finally found it on a dead end of pricey homes along the beach line.

Well we finally arrived and boy was it worth the drive!!! All was serene and calm. The small waves splashed ever so lightly on the white sand and the shimmering white sand glimmered with the sun’s gleam. Another great thing was that it had seashells all over the sand which was fun to pick up. I picked up a couple good ones and brought them home to wash off.

The beach was also quiet and secluded just like what I had read, which was great since some of the other beaches we have gone to including Daytona, and Cocoa are always crowded and noisy so it was great to have a little getaway in which we could forget about the stressful week we have had.

All in all great beach A+ rating and we will definetly be going back for some more rest and relaxation!!!


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Had a gun pulled on us today while driving!!!

Let me explain first our surroundings. We were on the left lane of 2 lanes on an only turning left onto I-4 in Lakeland Florida. Once you turn you go up a ramp where the right lane merges with the left lane, from there it becomes one then you merge onto I-4.

Well when the light turns green we go like we always do, my husband sees one car trying to get in our lane and was going to crash if he kept going and decided to slow down to let him in, in which he thanks us, which is nice since you don’t see that very often. The guy behinds us gets upset and starts honking the horn. He didn’t have no point because we didn’t stop we just slowed down a bit. Once it was only one lane he drives right by us and yells something to us which I could’nt hear and tries to side swipe our car. My husband manages to swerve and gets to the interstate. He then proceeds to follow us down the highway. My husband is now just driving when we see him tailgating us and my husband lets him pass where he almost hit ud from the back and cuts in front of us.

Now that he is in front of us he pulled a gun out the driver side window and points towards us. My husband now slips down the gears of the car and high tails outta there and since he is still following us we can’t do much since there is so much traffic. I n one he cuts in front of us and pulls over on the side of the interstate and pulls the gun out of his window and aims at us again and my husband passes him around 110 m.p.h. and again he is behind us, and right when we were passing our exit to where we lived we made it look like we gonna keep going and my husband cuts across 2 lanes and in front of cars to get off the ramp and luckily he kept going since it was too late for him too pull out after us.

We did call the police and give a full description of the make and model of the car, but couldn’t get a look at the plate only that it was outta state, so lets see if they catch this guy.

I just can’t believe how bad Florida especially Orlando and surrounding areas on how they have gotten so bad with crime. Florida isn’t the retirement state nor sunshine state anymore!!!

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Life in Lakeland is pretty quiet!!!

Well my husband and I have been living in Lakeland now since March and are happy as not having to worry about our car being stolen or late night races in front of our houses. We do still travel once a week to Orlando to pick up any mail, and catch up with family or friends but mostly we stay in our quiet complex. In some ways I do miss Orlando, as certain stores and the Lakeland Square mall doesn’t have all the type of stores I shop in or the spanish food sometimes I crave to buy but hey you have to sacrifice some things for others.

We are possibly looking into houses since we feel so cramped in an apartment and our neighbor above is noisy, so we will cross our fingers and see what happens.

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Home sick! I miss Florida :-(

I was pondering and thinking last night while trying to go to sleep, how much I miss my home, well having a home. It has been a total of 3 months on the road with my husband, and I miss other things that I used to take for granted.

I miss going to my home after a long day’s work and taking a shower, or going home to plop on the couch and watch the latest reality show. I am so addicted to them shows.

I miss having weekend barbeques and having all my friends over, and just partying all night long.

I miss my Italian king sized bed!!

I miss making dinner with my husband and eating together on the table.

I miss blasting the music loud and cleaning the house to the music.

I miss the sunshine and heat, I don’t like the cold and even though I try and get used to it I am not able to.

There are alot of other things I miss but these are the most important to me. Now don’t get me wrong I love being on the road also and now knowing where we are going next. I love taking pictures of nature and the beauty that most people don’t ever see or don’t stop to look at, but there is still apart of me that like a routine.

I would have never imagined that I would be traveling or seeing the things that I do or even imagine all that we have gone through me being with him, not including what he has seen by himself but you really don’t know what you have until one day it isn’t there.

I am already used to the routine of traveling and sleeping on a twin bed and other things that drivers do daily because it’s how they live, but I still miss home. Of course the only thing I don’t miss is the crime over there. Well that’s just a whole other post I will write about,.

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