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Larry Birkhead is the father of Dannielynn!!!

Yeeeaaahhh!!!! It’s 3:46 p.m eastern time and they just announced that the DNA matches and Larry Birkhead is the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby Dannielynn. I have been watching this from the beginning and was personally rooting for Larry, and now the results are in. I mean you could see it in his face and facial features that he was the father.


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Anna Nicole Smith apparently dead!!

Well I just saw reports on Access Hollywood,, and that Anna is apparently dead at the age of 39. If this is true which I will confirm tonight when I watch ET, it is a sad tragic ending to her life.

Me personally I was rooting for her to get out of all this battle she was going through and she apparently turned to drugs as a solution to her problems.

She was known to resemble Marilyn Monroe and she too died of an overdose if this is true. It just comes to show that drugs don’t get you anywhere but 6 feet under.

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