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Problem with my pictures

Well I won’t be posting up any pictures of my daily sightings because I am having trouble with the little thing that my memory card is on. I have to buy a new one but won’t be able to until we are able to stop at an office supply store. So for now you can read about me blabbering on about what we see everyday.


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Going through Michigan and pondering on the industry!

Well we are currently in Detroit Michigan, since yesterday afternoon. We are here to pick up a trailer in the Operation Center of the company, and we are waiting for our truck to be repaired. The temperature currently is more “warmer” than it was in New York. Last night we stayed at a Marathon truck stop and the man said that it was around 20 degrees, but it was considerably warm for this time of year there because it usually gets to below 30 degrees. We were like wow warm at 20 degrees and we are so used to 70 degree weather in Florida so we were stunned. Now I know that it is way more colder in other parts of the U.S. or even the world but all this is new to me so I am kinda taken aback. I guess my skin is kinda taken a toll also because it looks kinda ashy even though I use lotion everyday, but again I could be wrong.

Well now that we are in Michigan that makes our states travels to 29 states and counting. It’s 30 for me because I went to Hawaii when I was 15 years old. This is an experience that I never thought I would do ever in my life but it has given me new insights on new things in life and and has showed me alot of new things. Now those who know me know this isn’t me or our lifestyle but sometimes life throws us a fastball and you need to catch it. I have plans for our future so as my husband does and we know this will just bring us closer to those plans and dreams that we have. Many who know me know that I like the finer things in life like designer accessories, and going out in general so I don’t look like a typical driver’s wife but I see plenty of those who look like teenagers or just regular joes. Many people think that all drivers are dirty, or rude, I mean everyone has their description of what a truck driver is but they are wrong.

Others also think that drivers are stupid and don’t know anything, but in this industry you need alot to drive. You aren’t just driving a truck all day. You need to make routes, plan your day, you need to watch for crazy drivers, adverse road conditions, lights, signs, making sure you have time to get to your destination,laws,police and any other factors needed daily. That’s why they are considered professional drivers, not just truckers.

Since I have been with my husband I have grown to respect those who bring us our necessities and indulgences that we enjoy everyday and that we take for granted. I had thought many times to become a driver myself but my heart belongs as an entrepreneur and having my own business, but this is something that will be embedded in me forever. So next time you see someone driving a truck think about what they are bringing for you. Your food, clothing, just everything, and also think that they do it for a purpose, so don’t cut them off, or not let them get into traffic, give them a break, because if it wasn’t for them there wouldn’t be no us.

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