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Millionaire Secret Santa dies

I am writing about this on my blog because this was an incredible man! He died on Friday at the age of 58. He was known as a Secret Santa to hundreds of people, for giving away his own money. He gave over in a span of 27 years around $1.3 million .I chose to write about him because you don’t find many people out there anymore.

This world has become engulfed in greed and in the motto that it is never enough, that many wouldn’t even give it a second thought of giving away any money, but not Larry Stewart. He traveled to certain states looking for people that looked hopeless or despaired and gave them money anonomously without offering any explanations or his identity.

These days people have to tink about it to give to charity or to the homeless because we want to make sure that they really need it or that they really are homeless and aren’t scamming us. I know I have to think about it because I think is this person going to use this money to buy beer? Larry Stewart didn’t ask any of those questions he just simply said here and would leave. He started out in 1979 when he was working as a salesman and suddenly lost his job and his money. He hadn’t eaten in nearly two days when he went to a diner and ordered breakfast. When it came time to pay the bill he was going to act as if he lost his wallet. When the cook came, who was also the server, and owner of the diner he told Larry “look son I think you dropped this $20.00 bill”, and he gave it to him, even though Larry refused he insisted and he finally took the money. He paid for his meal, tipped the cook, and left. He pushed his car to a nearby gas station filled up on gas and left.

It was later that day that he realized that nobody dropped the money, and it was the cook’s own money. He then vowed and made a promise to God and told him, “Lord, if I am ever in the position to have money I will make sure to give it away and give hope to others”! From that on he found his way into a business and made a good small fortune with cable, and started giving away money. He first started with $10.00 then as the years went on gave more, even recently when I first heard of his story in November $100.00 bills and even more to some who helped him find those who truely needed it.

To me this story is something that you don’t hear of everyday and I wanted to share with everyone the kindness of two strangers that probably helped hundreds of people, and it was sad to hear of his death. I wish I could have met him but unfortunately I couldn’t but I hope this serves as a stepping plate for others to try and do the same!!

You can check out the full story on USA


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