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Are tips really required when eating at a restaurant?

Well last night I went to eat with my husband at a Steak and Shake in Georgia. We ordered our food which I had a Bacon N Cheese double with fries and baked beans and my husband had a triple steakburger and fries and baked beans, which I might add was extremely delicious. I know this for one because my husband isn’t a huge fan of hamburgers or fries and because he told me himself. The waitress was ok, and offered mediocre service but what really bugged me was when we were going to pay she asked my husband which was giving here his credit card to pay for the meals asked if he wanted to put the tip on the card? Well, I was having a good day, so I kept my mouth shut if not I might have asked why she thought she was getting a tip, or where did it say it was required to give a tip, but I didn’t.

My whole point is all places that offer services like restaurants, salons, spas, or anything else in which you are being served treat you like they expect a tip. A tip is given out of gratitude for the service, and of course if the service was good or great, but if you don’t leave a tip or it isn’t enough they have an attitude or give a big face. Since when do these people think that they need to receive a tip? They should be making a living with what they get paid hourly not with what they make in tips.

Most of the time I avoid going to places like such because of the repercussion that I will receive. Either I don’t know what to give and give too much or too little, so I try and avoid it completely.

So next time you are in a restaurant think will she be this nice to me if she knew I wasn’t going to tip her or would she be rude knowing that. By the way the waitress from Steak and Shake only received a dollar from me becauseof her comment and rude behavior in my opinion. Next time I might just leave change!!


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Vocabulary of professional drivers

Live Load or Live Unload — Means that the trailer is going to be loaded at that point in time that you get there. In doing so can take minutes or hours depending on the location.

4 wheelers — Name used that is referred to cars on the road.

Raiders or Smokey Bears — Name used to describe a uniformed official or police officer

Jackknife — When a truck and trailer turn into a V-shape, and it is very dangerous and is likely to cause an accident.

Sleeper Berth — The bed inside of a truck is called this.

Sleeper — is a truck that brings a bed to sleep in. Not all trucks have beds inside.

Sleeper(Condo) — brings 1 or 2 twin sized beds and gives the ability to stand up in the truck.

5th wheel — the plate on the back of the truck and that is where the trailer hooks into the truck.

Kingpin — round steel piece that hooks into the 5th wheel and locks in order to move with the truck.

Engine brake ( J brakes) — engine braking system that helps the truck slow down without the use of regular brakes.

More will be added as I remember them.

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