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Had a gun pulled on us today while driving!!!

Let me explain first our surroundings. We were on the left lane of 2 lanes on an only turning left onto I-4 in Lakeland Florida. Once you turn you go up a ramp where the right lane merges with the left lane, from there it becomes one then you merge onto I-4.

Well when the light turns green we go like we always do, my husband sees one car trying to get in our lane and was going to crash if he kept going and decided to slow down to let him in, in which he thanks us, which is nice since you don’t see that very often. The guy behinds us gets upset and starts honking the horn. He didn’t have no point because we didn’t stop we just slowed down a bit. Once it was only one lane he drives right by us and yells something to us which I could’nt hear and tries to side swipe our car. My husband manages to swerve and gets to the interstate. He then proceeds to follow us down the highway. My husband is now just driving when we see him tailgating us and my husband lets him pass where he almost hit ud from the back and cuts in front of us.

Now that he is in front of us he pulled a gun out the driver side window and points towards us. My husband now slips down the gears of the car and high tails outta there and since he is still following us we can’t do much since there is so much traffic. I n one he cuts in front of us and pulls over on the side of the interstate and pulls the gun out of his window and aims at us again and my husband passes him around 110 m.p.h. and again he is behind us, and right when we were passing our exit to where we lived we made it look like we gonna keep going and my husband cuts across 2 lanes and in front of cars to get off the ramp and luckily he kept going since it was too late for him too pull out after us.

We did call the police and give a full description of the make and model of the car, but couldn’t get a look at the plate only that it was outta state, so lets see if they catch this guy.

I just can’t believe how bad Florida especially Orlando and surrounding areas on how they have gotten so bad with crime. Florida isn’t the retirement state nor sunshine state anymore!!!


June 3, - Posted by | Florida

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  1. I couldnt agree more. I’ve been in Central Florida for over 20 years and it is getting worse and worse. We have so many people coming here from New York, New Jersery, Puerto Rico. and etc. They treat Florida like it’s the big city they came from. You cant go anywhere without watching out for bad poeple.

    Comment by Marvin | June 3, | Reply

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