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My photobucket pictures

Below I have compiled my photobucket site with all my best photography work. I am looking to get out there so pass the word along. Please don’t copy any of my pictures, they are all my original work.

Here is the link:


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Writing after a long pause

Alot has happened since I last wrote, with me, the media, and just the world.

My car broke down, in which I had to use my vacation money to put down and get another one. Still trying to get by and taking it one step at a time.

My husband will turn 1 year driving trucks in 2 weeks and is looking for something else. Even though it was a journey and experience it is not the route we wanna take for our future. So be on the lookout.

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Haven’t been writing as much lately

Well I haven’t been writing this much because I have been busy trying to sell my car. My car broke down on July 20th and have been trying to sell it since then. It’s been hectic because we went from a paid off car to a new set of car payments, and since our credits our low nobosy wants to finance you a car, but keeping my fingers crossed someone will buy it today or tomorrow since I need it sold by Friday of this week, where I live they are starting to put notices out for cars that don’t have tags so wish me luck………..

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Krusty O’s for auction on Ebay

Get your Krusty O’s and have a collectible that will never come out again..

That auction finished but will add another soon… if you would like I ave 3 more boxes to those who are still looking for these cereals you can write a comment here if you are looking to buy.

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Boring like always

Well this summer has been pretty much boring except on the weekends when I go out. Still not getting what Iwant from the home business don’t know if I should continue or not. I might try and get into the school system and work doing clerical there but we will see what happens.

Tommorrow I am going to comedy club and to meet up with friends I havent seen in over a year so that looks promising.

Well till next time………

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Tried the not so new Miller Chill beer……

Well was celebrating with my friends and me personally have been looking to try the new Miller Chill to see if it was as good as all the hype I was hearing about it. Everytime we went to a bar or to a club to to a restaurant and couldn’t find it anywhere.

Finally we found it at a random liquor store and bought some to try it. My first reaction was that I actually tasted the lemon like it was supposed to have. I didn’t taste no salt though but it was still good. It was nothing out of this world to make me change my drinks of any sort but is good for a short living lemon taste..

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Well pretty much I havent been up to much just been shopping alittle using my birthday money. They have been having a great sale at Victoria’s Secret, and have been stocking up on their perfumes and lotions.

I have been also enjoying my complex pool and going in as much as I can before it gets all cold to me again. It’s also been raning alot lately so when not in the pool just marketing my medical benefits business and looking forward to my husband’s birthday soon.

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Paris Hilton on CNN

Paris Hilton spills the beans on her time in jail. Watch to see what she has to say about her time in the slammer..

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Paris hilton out of jail

Well everyone’s favorite blonde is now out of jail. She now she says she is changed and will no longer act dumb now that she has had time to think in jail. Let’s see how long she can last before she is back to her old ways. I say one month maximum.

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Well I know this is something controversial to many as like is the war and many other topics recently spewed in the media. I recently came upon this video of an abortion as I was reading a daily devotional email I receive daily in my email. This email I receive is from Bill Keller Ministries, and is something I read on a daily basis because I like to hear his opinion on God and how this world is and has become.

I am going to post up this video and I would like to hear comments from people on their take on abortion. I can’t write much since I have decided to take a trip with my husband after such a long time and am currently in Georgia. I will write more about this topic but feel free to write any opinions you may have. Please also visit my site and please refer anyone who is in need of some health benefits.

Here is the link to the video:

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