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Tried the not so new Miller Chill beer……

Well was celebrating with my friends and me personally have been looking to try the new Miller Chill to see if it was as good as all the hype I was hearing about it. Everytime we went to a bar or to a club to to a restaurant and couldn’t find it anywhere.

Finally we found it at a random liquor store and bought some to try it. My first reaction was that I actually tasted the lemon like it was supposed to have. I didn’t taste no salt though but it was still good. It was nothing out of this world to make me change my drinks of any sort but is good for a short living lemon taste..


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Well pretty much I havent been up to much just been shopping alittle using my birthday money. They have been having a great sale at Victoria’s Secret, and have been stocking up on their perfumes and lotions.

I have been also enjoying my complex pool and going in as much as I can before it gets all cold to me again. It’s also been raning alot lately so when not in the pool just marketing my medical benefits business and looking forward to my husband’s birthday soon.

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