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So what if you are a Hilton!!!!

So what if you are a Hilton, whether you are Paris, or Nicky or whoever you don’t deserve to be treated any better than anyone else. Let your dumb daughter do her time like she deserves and more and stop spoiling her. You make the Hilton name pathetic!!

So today I hear that Paris’ parents went to visit her when visiting hours were over and they let them in when they weren’t supposed to be any visitors at that time.

If this isn’t stopped eventually celebrities will be able to get away with murder, crime, you name it. Take a stand and speak your mind!!!


June 12, - Posted by | Paris Hilton

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  1. I definately agree with you! Paris Hilton is no special case! She should be treated like everyone else.

    Comment by captainjosie | June 12, | Reply

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