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Get it through your thick head Paris……. go to jail already!!!

I don’t know how many of you hate Paris like I do but she needs to already learn she is not the queen. She finally needs to fess up to what she did and take it like a classy woman(which she isn’t).. Se is not any better than any of us, even more she is the stupidest person I have ever seen. I challenge her to anything and I know I will come out the better woman.

Videos show up of her crying which of course is a ploy since she has seen all the media that she doesn’t have any remorse, and if you don’t have any remorse you are guilty as charge.

Serve your sentence and go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


May 10, - Posted by | Paris Hilton


  1. You know what is the worst about all of this? That there are air heads in this world, who adore her so much that they think she should get away with it..

    Seriously, what is the world coming to?

    I think she should get her 45 days jail and more.. she violated her probation and was late for her trial.. that clearly shows she has no respect for the law, so its time to make her learn some respect.


    Comment by Darren | May 10, | Reply

  2. I am happy as hell that judge slapped that skanky broad down. She has no right to be angry… well except at her parents for pampering her ass to the point she is totally useless. I saw her video and she just isn’t that good looking with or without her stylish clothes. Bony little slurp monkey.

    Time in jail won’t teach her anything, the guards will pamper her and, suck her ass the whole time she is there… but I will admit just seeing her go and knowing they are gonna slam that door and lock it one time, just cracks me the hell up…. rotflmmfao. Welcome to the real world skanker!

    Comment by Ken B | May 11, | Reply

  3. I completely agree with you both she probably won’t learn anything but at least we see something finally happening to this airhead.

    Comment by truckerswife | May 15, | Reply

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