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I have always wanted to be a mermaid!!

Well here I am sitting in the truck with my husband. He wanted me to see what his new route was like and was thinking about past ideas, thoughts, things i did when I was younger and thought to myself what were the things I wanted to be as a child was a mermaid. How weird the things you want to grow up to be when you are small.

Among the oddities of things I wanted to be were a Shamu trainer at Sea World, a dancer in the nutcracker, a rockette at Radio City Music Hall, a singer like Whitney Houston, in my time period, a Power Ranger, a ninja turtle, a princess like Cinderella,but without all the stepmother and step sister drama, and Barbie. I was born in the 80’s so maybe some can relate to why I wanted to be these things, of course I don’t want to anymore, but it’s fun to think what if.

Sio I want to know what others out there wanted to be when they were young, and if any of you are doing anything remotely close to what that was???

The closest I have gotten is going to Seaworld and looking at a trainer with Shamu!!!


March 26, - Posted by | Random thoughts

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