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Our trailer was almost robbed in Louisiana today!!

Well our trip was to go from Georgia to Texas. Last night after 3 of our planned truckstops were filled to the capacity we drove around for about 1 hour looking for somewhere to park. After every attempt and no where else to go we decided to stop at a Walmart, where supposedly there was a truck stop since we saw it in the truck stop book. We drove and found nothing all that was left was a Walmart Supercenter.

We saw four other trucks parked so we didnt see too much of a harm. My husband of course took precautions since in last coming weeks we had received messages from the company of trailers being stolen. He went and unhooked the trailer, put on the landing, disconnected all the lines, and put a kingpin lock on the trailer. A kingpin lock is made of steel so its almost nearly impossible to break into the trailer. Where the doors are my husband is only required to have one lock, but he always has 3 so we didn’t even have to worry about that. Afterwards he parked almost on top of the trailer so no one could hook it up to anything.

We went to bed at around 2:00 a.m. well 1:00 a.m there central time. We awoke by 10:00 a.m to go shopping for some food and head out. Well when we went to Wendy’s we saw some graffiti on the trailer. When we inspected the truck we had seen there was some forced entry on the doors of the trailer but they did not succeed. Looks like maybe they used a crowbar or something similar to that. The locks were still there but some looked kinda tampered with.

My guess is they probably thought my husband had a high value load because of the 3 locks and not the typical one that you see and wanted to get an early Christmas gift. Well you didn’t haha too bad. You failed and I laugh so that you can learn your lesson. Don’t take anything that isn’t yours!!! I don’t know if they tried anything with the other trucks since they were gone when we awoke in the morning but we were lucky.

We did take pictures just in case we get the company on our back and I won’t post them because I don’t want to disclose where my husband works, but you can just take my word for it.

Fortunately nothing did happen to the trailer and of course more importantly nothing happened to us but I don’t think we are going to be stopping anywhere near Lousiana if we really don’t have to.


March 11, - Posted by | Louisiana

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  1. WOW that really bites good luck tonight lol :]

    Comment by veronica | March 11, | Reply

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