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Bathrooms that don’t flush and water that’s too cold. Why must rest areas be so annoying

I see this everyday in my many stops in rest areas all over the U.S (mainly East and Central). You go into a rest area and to begin with they are outside so if you are in Michigan or Wisconsin you know your tush is gonna be cold. Then as you approach most not all have a giant sized fan the size of Texas hanging in the ceiling facing all the stalls.

I of course think it can’t be any worse than this!! You try and position yourself without touching the seat like my momma taught me and of course don’t wanna pee on the floor. All this time while trying to accomplish this my legs are trembling from the Texas- sized fan is blowing everywhere, it’s 11 degrees outside and I am trembling with goose bumps all over.

You also notice that when you are in the stall it wasn’t really meant to be for you to sit down but was the same size model of what used to be a telephone booth. So you ave too choices try and squat the best possible way or try and squat sideways.

So many decisions and so little time, what should I do. Well I try and squat the best way I can kinda straddling my legs around the stall. By this time the toilet has already flushed 2 times. Oh I get it this is one of these toilets that flush with any movement and not when I am actually done. Oh, no I got to scratch my nose do I scratch it and risk the toliet flushing and get another brisk air in the woo-hoo while it flushes or just try and hold it out.

Well you guessed it I just had to scratch my nose and my arm. Why must every part of your body itch when you really aren’t in the situation to scratch it? So by the time I finish my business the toilet has flushed around 8 times, and when I am about to leave and wash my hands it don’t flush. I try and wave my hand over the sensor and nothing, I look at it wave at it, dance around and nothing. As soon as I leave and I have already walked to the sink it flushes. MY oh my why couldn’t it do this while I was in there.

I go to wash my hands and me I like to adjust both hot and cold water to get the right temperature water. They have the hot water off and it’s 11 degrees outside, are these people nuts?? As I am washing my hands I feel I am getting frostbite or gangrine of some sort because I can no longer feel my hands and they aren’t even numb. I then go and get some soap, surprise no soap I must go to the third sink down and borrow some!

Finally I go and dry my hands, and there are no paper towels I have to use one of those dreaded dryers, since they save paper, etc. I understand all that but these dryers never work and I end up drying them with tissue or flinging my hands until they get dry.

I am finally done and even though it seems like an eternity I took to wash my hands this is only a couple minutes. After going through this at least once a day I prefer truck stops and warm water any day!!


February 28, - Posted by | Rest areas

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