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Not a good day in Wisconsin! Got stuck in a blizzard and more!!

Well it all started yesterday afternoon. We arrived yesterday afternoon at a Pilot truck stop after making an early morning delivery in Tomah. We arrived to the Pilot and got stuck on the way in. We were there about 30 minutes trying to get ourselves out. All the while there was another truck stuck 20 feet ahead of us. Eventually we got ourselves out with my husband using the gears to move back and forth and got out. Meanwhile the other truck got out with another truck pushing him from the back with his trailer.

Well after that little charade we found a parking they had just plowed and parked there. We went took a shower, ate at Taco Bell, and after doing that and buying some food and went to the truck. We were planning on getting up at midnight to drive again.

We went to bed around 5:00 p.m. and I awoke at around 11:30 p.m to see that it was extremely windy and raining, which I found out later it was freezing rain. Well I saw it was windy and since we were empty and didn’t have anything in the trailer so we decided to wait it out.

We awoke again at 4:00 a.m and found there was no visiblity.There was also even more snow than yesterday afternoon. We listened to the weather channel and were in a blizzard and the other city we had to go to in Wisconsin had a blizzard warning. This time we decided to wait until daylight.

We waited until 7:00 a.m and got some food at Wendy’s, and after we finished we headed to the truck to leave. As wel were pulling out we got out of the parking but got stuck there in the middle since there wasn’t anything really plowed there. Well we also notice tat another truck gets stuck trying to pull out also and another also. So now we had a total of 3. Well we start digging and digging snow so that we could get some tractions on the tire but nothing. After about 45 minutes and a tractor pulling out 2 other trucks he comes to us.

We figured he would help us when he announces that it would be $25.00 to pull us with a chain. What!!! Well he said if you don’t have it than there is nothing I can do for you, and left. After about another 20 minutes of trying and continuing to digg and move, nothing happened. We had to go and get this guy to pull us out for money tnot just for being kind. As we finally got out another truck got stuck and we knew where that was leading to

When we arrive at the other location we can’t find the trailer and called and waited until the man told us to go to the mill because they might had forgotten to bring the trailer there for dropoff. As we were leaving we got stuck again, and after about another 30 minutes we tell another man in a tractor to help us, since we had borrowed the chain from the company to use. He refused and after trying again the man from the company finally came out and talked with the man and he then said yes. So to make this short we took about anothr 2 hours to get a trailer that should have taken 10 minutes.

We are headed to Gary Indiana to relay this load to go to Florida, so I can’t wait to see the sun again and wear my flip flops!!!


February 25, - Posted by | Wisconsin

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