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Happy Valentine’s Day

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to all!!! Now to some people especially the elderly or those past their 30’s , and of course my family, to them Valentine’s day is everyday, but not to me. I like to make it like any other holiday, in which I compete with my husband to give each other the best gift or to outdo the gifts from the previous year. This year it is kinda hard because of his job, and me here going to the doctor’s and the bills raking up but hopefully everything will turn out well.

I did go last night (2/13) to Trget and a local dollar store to accompany my mother and sister on their quest to find anything left in the stores Well as suspected everyone was scrambling at the last minute to find the perfect gift, or card, or as a matter of fact any chocolate at all, even though you know there isn’t going to be any.

People were scrambling to find cards, chocolates, which there weren’t any, and any other thing they could put together. Well I accompanied my sister to the Dolar store to pick up candy for here friends, she’s 14! The line to checkout went around 2 aisles. Well eventually we got out and went to Target where there was more people doing the same all looking for the same thing. There at least we waited a minimal time and were out quick once we passed the mob at the chocolates aisle.

All in all it wasn’t so bad as Christmas, but some how those who save for the last minute are growing by the numbers every year, and quite frankly I find it quite amusing when I go and see people scrambling for the last minutes gifts.

So I thank those who gave me some humour while they were searching for something for their loved one’s and thank god I purchased early!!


February 13, - Posted by | Valentine's Day

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