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I’m back to the world of online blogging!!

Well it’s been about a week since I have done any entries in my blog. I have been at home in Florida for all this time dealing with everything that I haven’t been able to do on the road, like picking up mail, going to doctors, visiting family, actually writing without the truck bouncing up and down, so it’s been a relief for me. I have learned quite a bit of things while here.

First, my mother in law was in the hospital for having some type of infection in her ear causing her left side of her face to be paralyzed, some tell me it was some sort of a very mild case of a stroke, but I don’t think they want to tell her.

Second, I went to one of two appointments that I had with a surgeon to confirm my gallstones and that the only way to get rid of them was surgery, and possible removal of my gallbladder. Not something I wanted to do since I have never had surgery but this is what he told me. I also found out after setting up when to schedule the surgery, I would need to pay $700.00 out of pocket before I can get operated on so this needs to wait now until we can gather up the dough for this.

Third, my grandmother has had her cast taken off when she broke her arm on Thanksgiving, something I didn’t write about because I wasn’t a member of WordPress yet.

Finally, I am here in Orlando staying with my grandmother for about a month because I have a certain health problem that needs to be addressed (nothing contagious) that can be only addressed while here and no where else, so until then I will be here dealing with all my duties until well after surgery and until they can clear up my health.

It is very hard for me to come online since my grandmother is a lonely 70 year old woman and never stops talking so I have to seclude myself in her room to do any work that needs to be done on the laptop so she wouldn’t interrupt. I will be now on more because I am currently working on an online venture that should be ready shortly.

I also went to Disney World a week ago with my husband and I wil post pictures abou that shortly.

Thanks to those who read and continue reading a leaving me comments, I really love reading them.


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