The Daily life of a trucker’s wife!

Without trucks,the world stops!!

My reasons why the turnover rate for truck drivers is so high!!

1. People

2. The job itself

3. Risks out on the road

4. Lack of respect

5. Law Enforcement

6. Dispatchers of the company

7. No gratitude

Reason 1: People itself make it impossible to be a truck driver. They cut you off, honk the horn, have a certain stereotype about a driver, and are plain just nasty to truck drivers.

Reason 2: The job itself is not someone wants to do but sometimes needs to be done. Nobody ever grows up saying I want to be a truck driver, but it’s a job!

Reason 3: Risks on the road are seen every moment of the day but even more when you drive a truck. To name a few are the weather, companies with no signs, rude drivers, people who cut you off, finding no place to park, stop lights that suddenly turn red, hidden signs, and more I can’t even remember right now.

Reason 4: So much about support our troops because they are fighting for our freedom, but what about the drivers in your own land who are that bring what you need to survive, because without trucks the world stops. Where do you think your food comes from a plane, our car, no it comes by truck and no one can ever give credit to those who bring it or even the risk that they take to make sure people survive.

Reason 5: Law Enforcement are the worst of them all. They don’t care about anything else than giving a ticket to a driver because the tickets are worth more money. You see them stop a driver because of speed, but did they ask why they were speeding? Most of the time they are speeding because they are late for a delivery to deliver our necessities, but they don’t care. If they don’t deliver on time that goes on the drivers record. So they have a choice of either
dealing with police officers or dealing with their career.

Reason 6: Dispatchers at the company don’t care about the drivers either and try to force loads without caring for the driver or their needs. They are extremely rude and are just like drivers out on the road. Many times they aren’t understanding and just brush off the driver ultimately getting on the bad side of the driver.

Reason 7: There is no gratitude for what drivers do on a daily basis. Putting everthing together drivers are that move this nation and no one cares and treats them like garbage, so it’s rough and that’s ehy you see drivers the way you do with a face, mad, or upset and sometimes sick of the entire industry, something that I see way too often. So hopefully there can be something do to make these drivers feel like their job is as worthy as a law enforcement.

So next time you see a driver give them a break, they go through alot to where they are at that moment.


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Millionaire Secret Santa dies

I am writing about this on my blog because this was an incredible man! He died on Friday at the age of 58. He was known as a Secret Santa to hundreds of people, for giving away his own money. He gave over in a span of 27 years around $1.3 million .I chose to write about him because you don’t find many people out there anymore.

This world has become engulfed in greed and in the motto that it is never enough, that many wouldn’t even give it a second thought of giving away any money, but not Larry Stewart. He traveled to certain states looking for people that looked hopeless or despaired and gave them money anonomously without offering any explanations or his identity.

These days people have to tink about it to give to charity or to the homeless because we want to make sure that they really need it or that they really are homeless and aren’t scamming us. I know I have to think about it because I think is this person going to use this money to buy beer? Larry Stewart didn’t ask any of those questions he just simply said here and would leave. He started out in 1979 when he was working as a salesman and suddenly lost his job and his money. He hadn’t eaten in nearly two days when he went to a diner and ordered breakfast. When it came time to pay the bill he was going to act as if he lost his wallet. When the cook came, who was also the server, and owner of the diner he told Larry “look son I think you dropped this $20.00 bill”, and he gave it to him, even though Larry refused he insisted and he finally took the money. He paid for his meal, tipped the cook, and left. He pushed his car to a nearby gas station filled up on gas and left.

It was later that day that he realized that nobody dropped the money, and it was the cook’s own money. He then vowed and made a promise to God and told him, “Lord, if I am ever in the position to have money I will make sure to give it away and give hope to others”! From that on he found his way into a business and made a good small fortune with cable, and started giving away money. He first started with $10.00 then as the years went on gave more, even recently when I first heard of his story in November $100.00 bills and even more to some who helped him find those who truely needed it.

To me this story is something that you don’t hear of everyday and I wanted to share with everyone the kindness of two strangers that probably helped hundreds of people, and it was sad to hear of his death. I wish I could have met him but unfortunately I couldn’t but I hope this serves as a stepping plate for others to try and do the same!!

You can check out the full story on USA

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Here a couple of pictures I found online that make me laugh!

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Myspace Comments Codes Profile Images Myspace Layouts, over 20,000 Pictures CLICK HERE
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Myspace Comments Codes Profile Images Myspace Layouts, over 20,000 Pictures CLICK HERE
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Myspace Comments Codes Profile Images Myspace Layouts, over 20,000 Pictures CLICK HERE
20,000 MySpace Images Comments Codes

Myspace Comments Codes Profile Images Myspace Layouts, over 20,000 Pictures CLICK HERE
20,000 MySpace Images Comments Codes

Myspace Comments Codes Profile Images Myspace Layouts, over 20,000 Pictures CLICK HERE
20,000 MySpace Images Comments Codes

Myspace Comments Codes Profile Images Myspace Layouts, over 20,000 Pictures CLICK HERE
20,000 MySpace Images Comments Codes

Myspace Comments Codes Profile Images Myspace Layouts, over 20,000 Pictures CLICK HERE
20,000 MySpace Images Comments Codes

Myspace Comments Codes Profile Images Myspace Layouts, over 20,000 Pictures CLICK HERE
20,000 MySpace Images Comments Codes

Myspace Comments Codes Profile Images Myspace Layouts, over 20,000 Pictures CLICK HERE
20,000 MySpace Images Comments Codes

Myspace Comments Codes Profile Images Myspace Layouts, over 20,000 Pictures CLICK HERE
20,000 MySpace Images Comments Codes

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Problem with my pictures

Well I won’t be posting up any pictures of my daily sightings because I am having trouble with the little thing that my memory card is on. I have to buy a new one but won’t be able to until we are able to stop at an office supply store. So for now you can read about me blabbering on about what we see everyday.

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Going through Michigan and pondering on the industry!

Well we are currently in Detroit Michigan, since yesterday afternoon. We are here to pick up a trailer in the Operation Center of the company, and we are waiting for our truck to be repaired. The temperature currently is more “warmer” than it was in New York. Last night we stayed at a Marathon truck stop and the man said that it was around 20 degrees, but it was considerably warm for this time of year there because it usually gets to below 30 degrees. We were like wow warm at 20 degrees and we are so used to 70 degree weather in Florida so we were stunned. Now I know that it is way more colder in other parts of the U.S. or even the world but all this is new to me so I am kinda taken aback. I guess my skin is kinda taken a toll also because it looks kinda ashy even though I use lotion everyday, but again I could be wrong.

Well now that we are in Michigan that makes our states travels to 29 states and counting. It’s 30 for me because I went to Hawaii when I was 15 years old. This is an experience that I never thought I would do ever in my life but it has given me new insights on new things in life and and has showed me alot of new things. Now those who know me know this isn’t me or our lifestyle but sometimes life throws us a fastball and you need to catch it. I have plans for our future so as my husband does and we know this will just bring us closer to those plans and dreams that we have. Many who know me know that I like the finer things in life like designer accessories, and going out in general so I don’t look like a typical driver’s wife but I see plenty of those who look like teenagers or just regular joes. Many people think that all drivers are dirty, or rude, I mean everyone has their description of what a truck driver is but they are wrong.

Others also think that drivers are stupid and don’t know anything, but in this industry you need alot to drive. You aren’t just driving a truck all day. You need to make routes, plan your day, you need to watch for crazy drivers, adverse road conditions, lights, signs, making sure you have time to get to your destination,laws,police and any other factors needed daily. That’s why they are considered professional drivers, not just truckers.

Since I have been with my husband I have grown to respect those who bring us our necessities and indulgences that we enjoy everyday and that we take for granted. I had thought many times to become a driver myself but my heart belongs as an entrepreneur and having my own business, but this is something that will be embedded in me forever. So next time you see someone driving a truck think about what they are bringing for you. Your food, clothing, just everything, and also think that they do it for a purpose, so don’t cut them off, or not let them get into traffic, give them a break, because if it wasn’t for them there wouldn’t be no us.

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Saw some snow today!

Well I saw some snow today for the first time in almost 11 years. My husband has never seen snow so we were both quite excited as pathetic as it may seem. We were around Albany when we first spotted it and currently we are in Syracuse New York and all this area received about 6 inces or so of snow. Last night we were in 9 degree weather a first for me, and I was freezing evertime I stepped out for a break. We are now headed to Michigan, another state we haven’t gone to before so it’s a first for both of us. I believe the temperature is a little better so we will see tomorrow when we ge there.

We are carrying to Michigan about 45,000 pounds of beer from Anheuser Busch, and it is a load that can freeze if it’s not in a certain temerpature so we will be leaving the truck on all night or what we call idiling in order to prevent freezing. Here’s to another cool night!

I am gonna post more pictures in the page of random pictures and everyday sightings.


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Boy is it cold in New York!!!

Well currently I am in Albany New York heading to Plattsburgh. The temperature in Albany is 22 degress but it feels like it’s 12 degrees. Today it’s been pretty much boring, we have gone through Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and now in New York. I am not used to this cold since I have been living in Florida for 10 and a half years. I have noticed that when it’s really cold my knuckles get ashy, which drives me crazy since I apply lotion on me everyday, so this is is making me nuts, and when I step outside my eyes start to tear up, which is kinda funny since I am not a person to cry but see tears roll down my cheeks when it’s really cold.

Hopefully, it will be better tomorrow and maybe see some action. We are going to go to Anheuser Busch to pick up a 45,000 pound load of beer, so I guess we will see tomorrow what happens.

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Are tips really required when eating at a restaurant?

Well last night I went to eat with my husband at a Steak and Shake in Georgia. We ordered our food which I had a Bacon N Cheese double with fries and baked beans and my husband had a triple steakburger and fries and baked beans, which I might add was extremely delicious. I know this for one because my husband isn’t a huge fan of hamburgers or fries and because he told me himself. The waitress was ok, and offered mediocre service but what really bugged me was when we were going to pay she asked my husband which was giving here his credit card to pay for the meals asked if he wanted to put the tip on the card? Well, I was having a good day, so I kept my mouth shut if not I might have asked why she thought she was getting a tip, or where did it say it was required to give a tip, but I didn’t.

My whole point is all places that offer services like restaurants, salons, spas, or anything else in which you are being served treat you like they expect a tip. A tip is given out of gratitude for the service, and of course if the service was good or great, but if you don’t leave a tip or it isn’t enough they have an attitude or give a big face. Since when do these people think that they need to receive a tip? They should be making a living with what they get paid hourly not with what they make in tips.

Most of the time I avoid going to places like such because of the repercussion that I will receive. Either I don’t know what to give and give too much or too little, so I try and avoid it completely.

So next time you are in a restaurant think will she be this nice to me if she knew I wasn’t going to tip her or would she be rude knowing that. By the way the waitress from Steak and Shake only received a dollar from me becauseof her comment and rude behavior in my opinion. Next time I might just leave change!!

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Vocabulary of professional drivers

Live Load or Live Unload — Means that the trailer is going to be loaded at that point in time that you get there. In doing so can take minutes or hours depending on the location.

4 wheelers — Name used that is referred to cars on the road.

Raiders or Smokey Bears — Name used to describe a uniformed official or police officer

Jackknife — When a truck and trailer turn into a V-shape, and it is very dangerous and is likely to cause an accident.

Sleeper Berth — The bed inside of a truck is called this.

Sleeper — is a truck that brings a bed to sleep in. Not all trucks have beds inside.

Sleeper(Condo) — brings 1 or 2 twin sized beds and gives the ability to stand up in the truck.

5th wheel — the plate on the back of the truck and that is where the trailer hooks into the truck.

Kingpin — round steel piece that hooks into the 5th wheel and locks in order to move with the truck.

Engine brake ( J brakes) — engine braking system that helps the truck slow down without the use of regular brakes.

More will be added as I remember them.

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picture of sunset while at home

Here is a pic of the sunset near my home while driving about 2 days ago. I always carry a camera with me because you never know what you are going to see. Photography is one of my hobbies that I try and pursue on the road.

P.S. the date on the picture is wrong.


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