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Another boring day in Virginia

Well my husband woke up this morning at 6 a.m. to drop off a load that was going to be unloaded “live”. We had a whole trailer full of boxes of tampons, of all things right. Anyways since they were light we figured the most they could take was 3 hours to unload, faster if they had a pallet jack. Well we were there until 2:00 p.m. It was completely boring since I wasn’t in the mood to be online, and our XM radio just repeats the same old songs all day long,which it drives me crazy. So I woke up at 8:00 a.m and decided to rest at around 12 noon, and when I woke up it was 2:00 and my husband was about to leavE. It’s awkward to me because I don’t sleep during the day, because the sunlight bothers me, so I was just more groggy and tired than before.

After that it was time to drop this load (empty) at a place for boxed trailers, the ones they use on trains, and head to Wrangler, and pick up 20,000 pounds there. Well as I am reading the directions we pass a small antique town with old buildings, I felt llike I could just get off the truck and hop on the buildings. Well then it tells us to turn here and turn there and we are going up and around the mountain nascar style. It was a little scary but we got through it, and picked up the trailer.

So now we are on our way to deliver this load of Wranglers in Ft. Pierce Florida then headed home for some rest and to go and take care of things I can’t do on the laptop.

Again I took pictures but I can’t post them until I get one og those USB thingies when I go home and if hopefully I remember!


January 26, - Posted by | Virginia


  1. I do wish you kids would learn flatbeds and OD loads are treated with more respect to you ( the driver ) and loading and unloading is usually so much more of a breeze,no finger printing every case,no lumpers! Yup-chains and binders,but surely much more ease than box van frieght,and more unique places to deliver instead of warehouses. Much of the time flat frieght has less competition than warehouse frieght…usually theres hardly any other trucks to wait on,most especially wide loads. Just think-with wide loads at dusk you HAVE to stop,and theres more parking places at dusk than late at night-and,if there is no parking most permits require a wide load be provided special parking privledges.
    I saw more interesting things wide loads than I did warehouses,and dang the money was so much more better and the driver managers are above the rest!
    Advice from an old man,and trucker! You guys be safe!!

    Comment by jayherron | January 27, | Reply

  2. “Much of the time flat frieght has less competition than warehouse frieght”

    Yeah, and lots less availablility to compensate for it too…
    FYI, I broker freight for Landstar, so if you ever get stuck somewhere and need help finding a load out feel free to call. GL to you both! Take Care!


    Comment by Christiane Jennings | January 28, | Reply

  3. verry interesting article

    Comment by Usb Guitar | February 27, | Reply

  4. thank you for all your comments

    Comment by truckerswife | March 8, | Reply

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