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My pet peeves of drivers out there!

First I refer to these pet peeves not because I am in a truck all day but just in general and some of course refer to also being in a truck. If you don’t know a pet peeve is something that bothers you extremely in example I don’t like when a fork scratches a plate, or when you scratch fingernails across a chalkboard or jeans, so below I will write about ones I have with drivers.

First, why do cars get off a ramp or cut in front of you in a lane and go slow. I mean sometimes we are going 65 in our lane and someone cuts in front of us and goes about 45 mph, thus causing us to slow down and try and regain strength.

Second, Why do cars plaster 100 different types of bumper stickers, with I love kangaroos, or I play soccer, nobody really cares what you like or that your kid is an honor roll student. Now don’t get me wrong, If I ever have a child in the honor roll I would tell everyone or at least put the bumper sticker on the back window without taking the sticky out.

Third, Cars cut in front of you and don’t put a signal light. My guess is that the cars come optional with signal lights since most don’t use them.

Fourth, Cars don’t put signal light but I know we do and we stay stuck minutes with no avail so in the end we need to push them ever so slightly to get to our exit. Or we have our signal light and instead of speeding up like everyone else does when they see a truck needs to turn, or reduce speed they maintain the same speed , and just get the driver to have to miss their exit or think of another way to get in front of them.

I have more but my hand is getting tired from all my work this morning, so I will write more when I have a chance.


January 24, - Posted by | Pet Peeves

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