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Our day in New Jersey! Just a little scary for me!

Well it all started yesterday when we headed to New Jersey to pick up a load on Paterson Plank road. Let me explain how drivers get their information and directions. Most trucks have a little computer called a Qualcomm system which is similar to the one pictured below. There is where drivers receive thire load information, and directions to all places, mileage, where to fill-up and anything else that a dispatcher needs to communicate with the driver. Well after we dropped a load in Connecticut we had to go to New Jersey to Paterson Plank road, make a couple more turns then we would be at the location to pick up an empty trailer.

Well what the directions don’t tell you which this isn’t the first time that Paterson Plank splits, one that goes onto the 1-9 highway and the other goes into a residential area. The last time we came we turned onto the 1-9 highway, went around a circle and ended up in a residential area, and this time we didn’t want to do that. We decided to go straight and see but then we saw houses and we turned onto another street that happened to also say what would know the one and only Paterson Plank.

Well as luck should have it we follow this supposed Paterson Plank and on the way pass another road named Paterson Plank road intersecting the one we are now. So in a total we passed about 4 Paterson Plank roads and never found the place since we ended up again in a residential area, which when we decided to forget about the empty trailer and just go and pickup one from the next location.

Well that was yesterday. We then spent the night at service area and geared for today. Well I couldn’t just get up this morning since I didn’t sleep at all at night, and decided to sleep in while my husband drives to pickup to loads from two different locations. Well When I woke up we were already at location one and just about done. When we left the company gave up directions to the second location. First it said turn right on Anveil road, which had an underpass or bridge, I always get those things confused.

There was a sign stating that it was 13 feet 3 inches high and the truck and trailer is 13 feet and 6 inches high. Oh what to do, we were completly baffled and dumfounded on what to do. Well we started to look for another route and looking for ways to turn around when this guy stopped in the middle of the road and he told us he was a truck driver, and that it was exactly 13’6. He promised and offered to help and to even take his tag number for any reason, and at that very moment we saw a truck passing by of course oblivious to the sign or that he could possible rip off the top of his truck and he went but exactly.

We thanked the man and we were on our way to the next location about 20 miles away. We get tio other location and this location is about 75 to 80 feet long and as you know a trailer with truck is 73 feet long, which doesn’t give you much to move and back up. Anyways no problem there just wanted to mention it. After waiting to be live unloaded hours later we were on our way. Welll when we turned onto the road that was supposed to take us to the New Jersey turnpike where we encounter another bridge this one stating 12’6, and again we are 13’6. Well again after some time and deciding to just reverese all the way to the intersection to turn around another man assured us it was 13’6. Well another scare we passed like at 5 miles an hour under that bridge so that if were to tall we would here the roof of the truck scrape and break, so during these few seconds I practically ha my heart in my hand but we finally made it through.

The whole point is that New Jersey needs to take some tax money and invest in putting signs on all roads not just every other one and change all the bridge clearances and put them up to date. We have gone through many states with no signs. I have got to admit that Florida has the best signs on all roads and they are illuminated at night but by worst New Jersey is not a place you want to get lost in especially with a truck!!!

We also saw the Giant’s Stadium in New Jersey!!!

We are headed now to South Carolina, then hopefully home to Florida, I might have to get surgery for gallstones so stay tuned to see if I do.



January 23, - Posted by | New Jersey


  1. ….wow,what a memory!
    The highway U.S. 1 and 9 through New Jersey and the low marked overpassed-which they do in New York too.
    Once I was there somewhere around the Ford plant-it was about two or three in the morning (usually the best time to go around there-no traffic) and I was’nt paying any attention to what I was doing and all of a sudden I was on this bridge,US 1 and 9 was continueing on at the right-and I was climbing the bridge and at the top the girders were marked 12’6″. Well-I was’nt going to be able to back off that bridge so I crept forward (like you said-5mph) and there was plenty of room. At the bottom was a different story-there was another overpass-marked 12 feet…and it was! I ended up driving across a side walk and across an on-ramp and over another side walk.
    That area there used to be the coolest ride-US 1 and 9 from I-295 north til you hit the GW bridge at I-95 but in the mid 1970’s construction took over and all the old time ma ans pa motels and travel courts started to disappear and the neat ornate places that dotted the way-well,they are gone.
    Sorry to take up so much space,you guys just inspired a memory.
    Trucking in that area NJ/NYC is really a training ground for many things-definantly an interesting place to be!

    Comment by jayherron | January 25, | Reply

  2. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

    Comment by Maximus | December 20, | Reply

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