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Well I have got to admit that I am a fanatic of celebrity gossip, and when I am not busy I am online checking celebrity gossip sites in which Perez Hilton falls in that catagory. Most of the time I just look at pictures and headlines, but today I decided to check the comments on certain topics, in which one caught my eye in particular.

I decided to check what PerezHilton had to say about the actress America Ferrera. Now I know he is known for is bashing of celebrities and adding his own comments but I sure didn’t see any with her. I also had heard in recent coverage that a congresswoman in California had went and applauded her for her outstanding work on her hit show Ugly Betty, and was proud that her character was helping to break down stereotypes against latin women.

First this isn’t usually on the topic agenda in Congress but to this woman it was as to me it means a great deal to her and others. Well I started reading what others had to say just expecting to hear kudos for her work, or for her sincere speech she gave when she received the Golden Globe, well that’s not what I saw!

I saw comments of racism and hate, things that had nothing to do with the subject. Just seeing these hateful words and what people say about others hurt, but not necessiarily me butjust to see what this world has come to. It’s no surprise that there is racism in this world but sometimes you try not to make it seem so bad, but when you read it in your own words you can’t do anything but gawk at the reality

Now I am no stranger to racism or to stereotypes because I see it everyday and I was hurt with cruel words in school. I had old co-workers that were racist and jealous, I even had a co-worker that her entire family and in-laws were racist. They were rasing their children racist and even called african american children “niglets”. Yes I know it hurts and those are things that should never be said or even thought of but the truth is that it is plastered everywhere. It is on the media, the radio, people, online, everywhere. The question is what can we do to stop all this!!

Now never in out lifetime will we see the end of racism or hate, or ever see Martin Luther King’s dream come true, but we can help to improve it. If there is something you think about someone else or about a current situation don’t call that person names or try to offend them. Do you remember the saying that “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” it’s a lie to me, because words DO hurt and deeply. Often times they leave permanent marks on a person’s soul or conscience, and in result that person is never the same.

Try your best and try not to say hurtful things, because you wouldn’t want someone to say hurtful things to you or offend you so don’t do it!! Together we can slow down the racism in America!!


January 18, - Posted by | Racism

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