The Daily life of a trucker’s wife!

Without trucks,the world stops!!

My reasons why the turnover rate for truck drivers is so high!!

1. People

2. The job itself

3. Risks out on the road

4. Lack of respect

5. Law Enforcement

6. Dispatchers of the company

7. No gratitude

Reason 1: People itself make it impossible to be a truck driver. They cut you off, honk the horn, have a certain stereotype about a driver, and are plain just nasty to truck drivers.

Reason 2: The job itself is not someone wants to do but sometimes needs to be done. Nobody ever grows up saying I want to be a truck driver, but it’s a job!

Reason 3: Risks on the road are seen every moment of the day but even more when you drive a truck. To name a few are the weather, companies with no signs, rude drivers, people who cut you off, finding no place to park, stop lights that suddenly turn red, hidden signs, and more I can’t even remember right now.

Reason 4: So much about support our troops because they are fighting for our freedom, but what about the drivers in your own land who are that bring what you need to survive, because without trucks the world stops. Where do you think your food comes from a plane, our car, no it comes by truck and no one can ever give credit to those who bring it or even the risk that they take to make sure people survive.

Reason 5: Law Enforcement are the worst of them all. They don’t care about anything else than giving a ticket to a driver because the tickets are worth more money. You see them stop a driver because of speed, but did they ask why they were speeding? Most of the time they are speeding because they are late for a delivery to deliver our necessities, but they don’t care. If they don’t deliver on time that goes on the drivers record. So they have a choice of either
dealing with police officers or dealing with their career.

Reason 6: Dispatchers at the company don’t care about the drivers either and try to force loads without caring for the driver or their needs. They are extremely rude and are just like drivers out on the road. Many times they aren’t understanding and just brush off the driver ultimately getting on the bad side of the driver.

Reason 7: There is no gratitude for what drivers do on a daily basis. Putting everthing together drivers are that move this nation and no one cares and treats them like garbage, so it’s rough and that’s ehy you see drivers the way you do with a face, mad, or upset and sometimes sick of the entire industry, something that I see way too often. So hopefully there can be something do to make these drivers feel like their job is as worthy as a law enforcement.

So next time you see a driver give them a break, they go through alot to where they are at that moment.


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  1. Thanks for calling by my blog. MAKE that Money Tree!

    Coincidentally I enjoyed a pod cast featuring Ozzie truckers yesterday from the ABC Australia home page;

    7th January
    “You gotta love an air horn”

    They say some of the very same things you have said….

    Comment by carolom | January 17, | Reply

  2. Thanx for visiting my blog Melissa. I just started to read ur posts now. Interesting! 🙂

    Comment by Lijin | January 18, | Reply

  3. Dear Ms. Melissa,
    I read your article just right before. There is big difference between your article and my thought. It’s very interesting. Your contents contains what I’ve never thought about. Now I work on the truckers lifestyle, working environment and so on to understand them more closely.
    Before I read your one, what I thought of are long isolated period from family and various job opportunities. Especially I focus on their job’s risk on the road. And as one of the solutions, some accessories or facilities are considered.
    Anyway, thanks for your article.
    I’m not sure if I would ask your help sooner or later.

    Thank you.

    Comment by Seungjun Shin | March 7, | Reply

  4. You are an idiot. Cops don’t write tickets to make money. They never have and never will. A cop doesn’t make a dime of any ticket they write nor does the city/county they work for. If a truck driver is speeding to make up time on a late delivery, who’s fault is that? Certainly not the cop’s or the people in the way of the truck. 85 percent of vehicle fatalities in the U.S. are a direct result of speed and it’s rarely the speeder that’s killed. I personally hope any commercial driver that speeds gets stopped and cited to court. I don’t want to be hit and killed by a truck.

    Comment by Jason | December 26, | Reply

  5. Read other posts to know about trucks before you call someone an idiot. I know more personally than you do since you don’t know anything. Its drivers like you that truck drivers hate!!!

    Comment by Anonymous | December 26, | Reply

  6. Is English your first language, Anonymous? I only ask because you write like you may have picked it up from a brothel in the philippines.

    Comment by Jason | December 27, | Reply

  7. I can understand your frustration with dispatch, but it’s not fair to judge all of them bad, just as there are also bad drivers. I had a driver (Owner-op) that got robbed by a lot lizard (hooker) who took his keys, pants, belt, etc., and called me in a panic. First the story was someone broke into the truck, then after an hour or so, he told me the truth. While waiting on a locksmith and going to the store to get more clothes, I had to give his load to someone else so it could get picked up and delivered on time. After all this, he called management and screamed that I screwed him out of money. Tell me how that is a dispatcher’s fault????
    I have a bunch of stories like that.

    There are good dispatchers and bad, just as there are excellent drivers and bad ones. Yes, the drivers have my respect and without them, this country would shut down. However, some of them need to shut up and friggin’ drive!

    Comment by Pete | February 12, | Reply

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