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Saw some snow today!

Well I saw some snow today for the first time in almost 11 years. My husband has never seen snow so we were both quite excited as pathetic as it may seem. We were around Albany when we first spotted it and currently we are in Syracuse New York and all this area received about 6 inces or so of snow. Last night we were in 9 degree weather a first for me, and I was freezing evertime I stepped out for a break. We are now headed to Michigan, another state we haven’t gone to before so it’s a first for both of us. I believe the temperature is a little better so we will see tomorrow when we ge there.

We are carrying to Michigan about 45,000 pounds of beer from Anheuser Busch, and it is a load that can freeze if it’s not in a certain temerpature so we will be leaving the truck on all night or what we call idiling in order to prevent freezing. Here’s to another cool night!

I am gonna post more pictures in the page of random pictures and everyday sightings.



January 11, - Posted by | Snow


  1. Hi Melissa, Alissa here. We saw snow also, which is a rarity. I’m on the Oregon Coast, and we’ve only had it once in the last five years, before now. Have fun on your road trip.

    Comment by whitishrabbit | January 11, | Reply

  2. …glad to hear you are back on the log book!…or is it the ‘qualcom’?
    I hauled a oversize load to Barrega Michigan once and the snow was just deep enough that our load would’nt fit under an overpass. Once we got snowed in in Mora Minnesota and they had to dig us out of the motel. Once we loaded way up north in Montana at the air base and our soda’s froze with we were trying to tarp the load-tarps in the winter suck ( they always do-but winters worse) so intead of unraveling them there we laid one on one area another on another area and the third somewhere else and told dispatch we had three tarps on the load. Once we got the load down south I pulled into a Blue Beacon and had them hose it down-and there in the sunshine I tarped the load correctly!
    Watch the west side of the hills guys-thats where the sun don’t shine and the west side is always the slickest side!!
    Glad to hear from you-be careful!

    Comment by jayherron | January 15, | Reply

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