The Daily life of a trucker’s wife!

Without trucks,the world stops!!

Vocabulary of professional drivers

Live Load or Live Unload — Means that the trailer is going to be loaded at that point in time that you get there. In doing so can take minutes or hours depending on the location.

4 wheelers — Name used that is referred to cars on the road.

Raiders or Smokey Bears — Name used to describe a uniformed official or police officer

Jackknife — When a truck and trailer turn into a V-shape, and it is very dangerous and is likely to cause an accident.

Sleeper Berth — The bed inside of a truck is called this.

Sleeper — is a truck that brings a bed to sleep in. Not all trucks have beds inside.

Sleeper(Condo) — brings 1 or 2 twin sized beds and gives the ability to stand up in the truck.

5th wheel — the plate on the back of the truck and that is where the trailer hooks into the truck.

Kingpin — round steel piece that hooks into the 5th wheel and locks in order to move with the truck.

Engine brake ( J brakes) — engine braking system that helps the truck slow down without the use of regular brakes.

More will be added as I remember them.


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