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Passing through New Orleans

Once again we are on the road this time passing through New Orleans. Going through New Orleans you can feel the grief and pain that thousands of residents from New Orleans felt that day that Hurricane Katrina brang on August 29, 2005. Katrina was the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history. Seeing this devastation even though it was over a year ago proved that this was real. We passed through I-10 where many used this route as an escape but couldn’t. All we could think of was of those who weren’t able to get out, the children, elderly, and those sick that were immobile.They couldn’t be saved!

We passed through the Superdome where many evacuated to find refuge but was not found. Instead what they found was starvation, violence, hope, sadness, anger, everything but the help they needed. The superdome home to many games, concerts, and other entertainment venues will never be the same no matter how hard they try. This once bustling town with jazz music, Mardi Gras, and popular spot to visit is no more. It is now empty, sad, and still vulnerable. Traveling through I-10 you could still see the houses with blue tarp on it, weed growing out of them, and many still with no home. Many homes had trailers in front of them, or with debris in piles in front of them. I felt uncomfortable because of how I felt going through here. Videos and pictures still haunt me from that day that was plastered all over the media, now became more real being in that area. Going through there doesn’t justify what people wen through or how many died waiting for help and salvation, but it gave us a peek of the strength of mother nature and it’s fury. All else I could say is a prayer goes out to those who couldn’t make it, and those still trying to make it.

You can read more on Wikipedia about Hurricane Katrina —







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