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Delivery nightmare at Sam’s (Walmart warehouse)

I am going to tell you the kind of nightmare we had last night. Ok, well first let me recap on what happened during the day to lead to last night. First, my husband gets up this morning after passing through hell in Louisiana, to get a load that goes through to Dayton Texas. After driving about 5 hours to Dayton Texas, my husband arrives at the location in Dayton an hour early. See when you get to a location in which they need to unload the trailer you need to wait until they call your truck number and they tell you what dock number to go to. After waiting an hour they called us over the CB and told us to to dock.

Well we went to the dock and had to wait there about another 2 hours for them to unload us. After they unloaded us they gave us the paperwork and authorized us to leave. Well we then had to drive to Houston about 45 minutes away to pick up another trailer to then drive back to the Walmart distribution center. We drove to Houston, picked up the trailer and headed back to Sam’s. Well we got lost going back because the sign from their facility at night so you have to have night vision googles to see it. We arived about 30 minutes late, but we got there. We waited about 15 minutes when they told my husband to go to dock 118. Before my husband went he told the receptionist that he only had 3 hours left on his logbook to work. After a 14 hour workday you need to stop by federal law for 10 hours and you cannot move the truck. Well the lady reassured him it wouldn’t take 3 hours to not worry about it.

When we parked at the dock my husband ten told the guy giving back the paperwork if it would take more than 3 hours and he said that we would definitely be out of there way before that.Again we were reassured we would be out in time. Well we wait and wait and the clock is ticking and nothing. Well my husband goes and tells the company that he wants to know how many hours he has by their system to make sure he can tell the receptionist again.He left them another message saying that he doesn’t have any more hours to work what should he do because they don’t allow truck drivers to stay the night there.

My husband then goes inside the drivers lounge back to the receptionist to tell her that they have 5 mintues to give them the paperwork because he has no hours to work and if not he can’t move the truck. She goes and calls to tell them with an attitude tat he said you have 5 minutes to give him the paperwork,which didn’t help the situation. Well my husband then comes back to the truck and decided to call the company. He calls then and talks wit a 3rd shift dispatcher to explain the situation and was told he didn’t have any hours and that if they tell him to move he needs to move. The dispatcher didn’t provide any solution but to drive illegally and risk getting stopped and getting sent to jail for 10 years not including a huge fine, getting fired, and losing his CDL license. My husband then sent them another message in hopes of getting a better answer none which were answered. He sent them a total of 3 messages none were never answered. Which is expected because they never answer your messages you send them unless if you are going to be late in which they get on your case and goes on your record. My husband tries to call the safety department and of course they put you on hold with annoying music and make you wait an eternity. My husband hangs up when the guy finnaly comes out with the paperwork and tells us we are ready to go. My husband then tells him that he can’t move the truck because of the hours and explains it to him. He then said “company policy doesn’t allow it unless you are a Walmart driver, and that he could get his manager. He left to get his manager. My husband then again tries to call the safety department and hangs up again when this time the manager comes out to talk with my husband. At this time, which is around midnight I am tired and pissed off he has an attitude also.

My husband explains to him the whole ordeal including that he told the receptionist, everything. The manager says that again company policy you can’t park the truck here or leave it on the dock and that we were 30 minutes late, and that again you can’ park here because this isn’t a truck stop. My husband tells him he is going to call the safety department to see what they tell him. The manager agrees and tells him to let him know if anything. My husband finally gets ahold of the safety department and the man tells him that he can’t move the truck because it is Federal Department Of Transportation law, and that he would call Sam’s to see what is going on. He then told him to move to the side of the dock to not be blocking the dock but that he neede to decide whcih was more important breaking the federal law and having all the consequences occur or break Walmart’s rules. They also told him the only way that he could move is that a police escort escorts him off the property and to safe place. Well my husband parks right where you wait for them to call you to the dock and about 15 mintues later someone knocks the door. The security is there telling him that we aren’t allowed to stay there and again my husband repeats the same thing to him that he has repeated to everyone else. He says if we don’t move that he is going to call the police and my husband says go ahead I will call DOT. He says I am going to call Dayton police and leaves, and my husband tells him that he will be waiting.

Again he comes back 5 minutes later with another manager and again explains to him and he tells him well I should have known this if not I wouldn’t have taken the load.He tells my husband that he was late, and my husband told him he was an hour earlier for the last one and got lost coming now at night,he didn’t care and said it doesn’t mater you were late now. My husband told him I told the receptionist I have 3 hours to work only. The manager tells him that he wants to see the paperwork and that if it took less that 3 hours he needs to leave. My husband gets the paperwork and the paperwork says 3 hours and 40 minutes. The manager didn’t say anything and they left to call the police. Which this whole time they talked with my husband like if he was a criminal and doing something illegal. Well the police arrive about 10 minutes later and spot the flashlight in my husband’s face and you could tell they were being racist. My husband tried to explain the situation but they didn’t let him talk and after explaining they told him they would escort him out to not break any of Walmart’s rules and not cause trouble. So to end this whole ordeal 2 police cars escorted us out one in front and one behind us out of Sam’s and to a palce where there was some dirt and told him to park there.
It is just insane how the people treat truck drivers, and how such a company so huge the biggest retailer in the world has no respect for people, and didn’t just say it’s ok or it’s our fault. There was nothing no remorse my husband was treated like dirt, like a criminal, and all because he ran out of hours!!


December 20, - Posted by | Walmart


  1. Honey, waiting is what trucking is all about. Get used to it.

    Shippers and Receivers all go home at the end of their shift. The sooner you realise that they just don’t care how long you wait or if you’re in compliance with hours of service regulations, the better off you’ll be.

    Was dropping the trailer ever an option? Why sit there waiting for a load and getting mad when you could be snoozing at a truckstop with a shower, coffee and a restrooms nearby.

    Get yourself a GPS navigator. Use it to plot out your pickups, drops, terminals and truckstops. They’re pricey but well worth it.

    Get your trucker’s license and get on board. Sounds like you’re in the truck with your hubby anyway, so why not make yourself useful and be there to pull gears when situations like this arise.

    Comment by Dubbya | December 21, | Reply

  2. When you are at a shipper, (most of them not all) you can’t leave, you need to wait there. It’s tere rules if not you leave lose money, and risk your job period. No trucking for me, I have my business in mind.Thank you for visiting my blog!

    Comment by truckerswife | December 21, | Reply

  3. Hi Melissa

    Kannan here from chennai, india. I was keen to know about the truckers life in USA and came across your blog. It is so interesting to know your life styles and all.

    Do post more



    Comment by Kannan | February 27, | Reply

  4. This manages and controls the flow of goods, energy, information and other resources like products, services, and people, from the source of production to the marketplace.Distribution

    Comment by Howie Schwartz | March 12, | Reply

  5. Some of this story sounds true to me but other parts sound fishie. You are right about not being able to sleep at any Wal*Mart DC’s. As many trucks as they have coming in and out is a safety problem to Wal*Mart and two it is not a truck stop. Just look at the Wal*Mart store parking lots that allow truck to park, oil dumped, trash thrown out,piss bottles on the ground, dog crap the list is endless. It is just a matter of time until NO trucks will be able to even go on a Wal*Mart lot if this sort of stuff doesn’t stop. Who is to blame,Wal*Mart, no it is the 1% of the truckers that like everything screw it up for everyone else. The fact remains; you were late. You are at their murcy. Unfair? Without a doubt, but it all comes back to being late. Let me give you a great example of what the 1% truckers have done for the other 99%. How many towns do you go in and see signs “NO ENGINE BREAKS” why?? The cowboy driver that has straight pipes and loves to hear it raddle windows, or as I have heard them say on the CB I scared the shit out of that 4 wheeler with my jake. Big man. Getting back to the problem at hand, Wal*Mart a Distrobution Center will have 400-500 trucks per day in and out of their gates. That is the reason you must be on time and be ready to leave when you are finally unloaded. You were doing your best to cause trouble by telling them you were not going to leave. Don’t you realize that you put yourself into that 1% bunch of drivers by doing this. I understand you were out of time, but you are the one that was late. It might not have been completely your falt but bottom line is;YOU WERE LATE.

    Comment by Ron Lewis | March 16, | Reply

  6. Thank you for your comment, but the truth is if they took so long the first time we delivered to them we can’t control weather, traffic, or any other things that can happen on the road. We were late the 2nd time not the first and it was because we were not taken at our appointment time the 1st time around. Also my husband and I are not in that 1% just because some truck drivers like to scare drivers which some do need it doesn’t mean everyone of them out there do. My run my own business, and we are extremely clean people, so again I say just because some leave trash doesn’t mean all do it. Don’t judge without knowing the person first!!

    Comment by truckerswife | March 16, | Reply

  7. You are right, you can not control anything outside the confines of your on truck. You may be a very clean person and maybe we should not judge you by what someone in the past has done before you. How does Wal*Mart know you are clean, how do they know you do not trash up their lot, how do they know you will not park in the way while you take your 10 hour break,why should they change their policy on sleeping on their lot just for you? If you are so dead set about sleeping on Wal*Mart property why doesn’t your husband apply for a job at Wal*Mart and then you could sleep there anytime you wanted.
    In your other blogs I read that you were 19 years old. That means fresh out of High School and out on your own. I have been in the transportation industry for 37 years and I’ll give you some free advise. Don’t demand shippers or recievers to do anything. Bite that botton lip and go on when they tell you something you know is just plain DUMB and go on. If you start something with them they will always win. If the trucking industry would clean its self up there would be more respect for the people like you. I am glad you are not in the 1% bunch and if you will remember to always smile and treat the sorry,lowlife,scumbag,%#@$ people at these dock nicely it wont be long and you will have the reputation of a nice person and maybe you will be able to sleep where ever you want. Good luck to you and your hubby. Ron

    Comment by Ron Lewis | March 23, | Reply

  8. Ok I am not going to continue to try and make a point, I didn’t ask to sleep at Walmart, and I am 22 years old not 19. You might have misinterpreted the blog and the way certain things occurred but it’s over and I am no longer on the road. Thank you

    Comment by truckerswife | March 23, | Reply

  9. sorry you had such a hard time in dayton my husband is delivering there tomorrow i sure hope he has a good experience there because he only has 4 hours left he delivers at alot of walmarts and sams and has never had a problem yet good luck to you and your husband in the future. i am not a driving but i have rode with my husband alot the life of a truck driver is hard the 4wheelers does not give them any kind of respect.

    Comment by gloria | August 3, | Reply

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    Thanks google

    Comment by tist | January 17, | Reply

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    Comment by Haussy | February 11, | Reply

  12. Wal-mart dc all think they are right
    all they care they get the load off and they do not give a _ _ _ _ about the driver. All walmart dc are they same. It all about time.

    Comment by mark | June 24, | Reply

  13. guys, you do not know about Wal-Mart. They are monsters. If you deliver late, they charged USD$1060 to the supplier. No kidding, it may only cost the supplier $500 to deliver one pallet but if you were late, you are in big trouble.

    Comment by yivan | August 1, | Reply

  14. I can’t believe your whining about this. Every place a driver goes to, there is an average of a 2 to 4 hour wait, even longer. Sounds like your setting up yourselves for a lawsuit. What do you want a cookie for having to wait, maybe a thousand dollars. Or maybe he should have special rights and be unloaded before everyone else, JUST BECAUSE. I have gotten to Walmart an hour early, found they were behind and sat for 6 hours over in Roberts La

    Comment by tkgranite | October 10, | Reply

  15. Great post thanks for sharing this

    Comment by Freight handlers | December 3, | Reply

  16. How do you get lost going to a place that you went to earlier in the day?

    Comment by Anonymous | February 4, | Reply

  17. Kiora(greetings),Melissa your handsome Hand,and everyone else online,my handle is RythmNpik,but take the shortcut guys Rythym or Pik either will do.I am a Maori(native)from New Zealand,and i’m a trucker “all the way all the time”. Melissa,examples of the grief you shared is known world wide by other truckers and when those ‘precious memories’ are shared,in time we can have a good laugh and shake our heads in wonder about certain brain dead people we come into contact with.However girl the bright side is we get to leave them behind with there humdrum baggage and truck on and on and onnnnnnnnn yeahhhh!!!!!! always on the move,i’m laughing at those people already lolololololol.Comment #16 getting lost is EASY in a town or city we don’t know or don’t know well,the HARD #16 is getting out of lost when under pressure and finding the way back,dang!some people huh!!?? my commisseration to you two and my congratulations for getting thru it,God bless you good truckers,and a safe journey always,always keep on truckN truckers.

    Comment by RythymNpik | June 15, | Reply

  18. Ps… pictures of your husband self and truck please…

    Comment by RythymNpik | June 15, | Reply

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