The Daily life of a trucker’s wife!

Without trucks,the world stops!!

Welcome to Atlanta

Well we were in Atlanta last night in Atlanta. Let me tell you these drivers they don’t care about anything and they are very stubborn. There was traffic like crazy and drivers with no sense. We hadto make a U-turn whilethere and my husband had the signal light to turn for about 10 minutes and no one wanted to let him in. There were even 2 cars who had to go onto our side and but wouldn’t let us in. My husband got pissed off and decided he needed to get in one way or another and the exit was about 3 car lengths away. He started moving the truck slowly into the newxt lane and the minivan blew the horn, whch at this time I was already pissed off and when the guy passed us I told him “don’t you see the fucking signal light on”. He had his window down and didn’t even look at me he just kept on going. I just couldn’t wait to get to our destination and eventually get the hell out of there. Well after dropping the truck at the operation center for repairs we decided to stay at a hotel the night until morning. We called the hotel and they sent a shuttle to pick up up, boy that was a joyride “literally”. This driver picked up up and the hotel is about 15 minutes to where we were and we got there in about 7 minutes. He was going around 85 m.p.h and I was holding on to dear life. Well we finally got to the hotel in one piece, checked in and went to relax. I just can’t wait to leave tomorrow morning!!


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