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Truck broke down

Well our truck broke down about 30 minutes ago. We are on I-95 in South Carolina, and we were driving along when we heard a big boom noise and we decided to stop. When my husband got off to check the air bag for the driver’s suspension popped and broke. So now we are on the side of the road waiting for roadside assistance from the company which they said could take at least an hour, so I am just going to be updating things on the site until then.

Well after 2 hours we are back on the road and on our way. We are way behind schedule but we will see how we manage.


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  1. Hope you get rolling again soon!

    Thanks for visiting and seeing my holiday decor!

    Mary, mom to many

    Comment by Owlhaven | December 15, | Reply

  2. …on I-95 north in NORTH Carolina at exit 106 (Truck Stop Road-in Kenley NC) the TA has the best food,or…at least-they used to. Gawd kids…used to run that road in the 1970’s when I-95 was still being built. Used to do NYC to Florida state line in 16 hours,at 110 mph. Those days are long gone. Say-I got paid 11 cents a mile then…wow!

    Comment by jayherron | December 21, | Reply

  3. Christmas on the road? It is interesting…spent one once snowed in at a motel in Moline,another time they had to dig us out of a motel room in Mora Minnesota. I see you look at my blog-there are some things about trucking in them…definantly-I miss the smells and sounds of being in a truck,and truck stops. I try to add photos about my trucks-check them out:
    you kids be safe…stay away from Hunts Point!and…enjoy the road at Christmas,and…keep writing !!

    Comment by jayherron | December 22, | Reply

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