The Daily life of a trucker’s wife!

Without trucks,the world stops!!

Oh Maryland!

Well here is where I find myself this morning in Maryland around noon when we see a big sign that announces that all commercial vehicles must exit at exit 16. Well of course since we are a big truck we exit. Once we are on the off ramp we find ourselves with about 3 miles of trucks all waiting for the same thing. We turn on the CB radio to find out that this is a DOT inspection for all trucks. We then proceed and I am just thinking how I want to get out of here. We hear all sorts of things on the radio like everyone needing their medical card, and their license, and truck registration. Then some guy says that they are doing strip searches. Now I am thinking like what is this are they doing an immigration check or a DOT check. Finally we arrrive at the checkpoint and the officer hands us a paper and tells us to proceed. We then pass about 50 patrol cars marked and unmarked and a huge patrol vehicle like the ones you see in the military. We make a couple turns and we are out of there. What was all the hyope for? We did see some trucks that were pulled over and they were opening their trailers and inspectiong tires, etc but I thought it was for everyone. We are back on I-95 and I decide to look at the paper they gave us and it was explaining that they try and stop terrorism and illegal activities blah blah blah, and tooting their horn you could say and it was nothing. Well here’s a toast to stopping terrorism Maryland! 100_1821.JPG


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